SMS Notifications / Order Notification WooCommerce / Login & Register with Phone


  • SMS Notifications / Order Notification WooCommerce / Login & Register with Phone
    Woocommerce SMS Notifications plugin send the Order status updates via SMS/ WhatsApp to Customer, Admin & Vendors. Woocommerce SMS Notifications plugin enables OTP Verification on the Woocomerce Forms like Login, Registration, Checkout and Password reset Forms. Plugin also includes WooCommerce Order SMS Notification, WCFM Vendor Notifications, Dokan Vendor Notifications, Woocomerce Password reset using OTP Verification, and Woocommerce Register with Phone & Login with Phone.

  • Plugin supports custom SMS/ Email gateways. Check your Gateway here!
    Check more about Order Notification / SMS Notifications / Login & Register with Phone

WooCommerce SMS Notifications

WooCommerce SMS Notifications plugin allows your site to send automated WooCommerce order status SMS notifications to buyers/customers and admins via SMS/ WhatsApp. Admins, customers, and store Vendors can get SMS notification after order status changes or payment status updates related to WooCommerce orders. Customizable SMS templates for all SMS Notifications.

  • WooCommerce SMS Notifications
  • WCFM Vendor Notifications
  • Dokan Vendor Notifications
  • Notifications on Submission of Forms*
  • Back In stock Notifications*

We support the below WooCommerce Order Status for the Admins, Customers, and Vendors*:

  • WooCommerce New Customer Registration SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce New Order SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce Order Cancellation SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce Order Fulfillment SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce Order Payment SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce Order Deletion SMS Notification.
  • WooCommerce Low Stock & Out of Stock SMS Notifications.
  • Refund Status Notification.

WooComerce SMS Notifications and OTP Verification on WordPress

Key Features

👉 Login with Phone & Registration with Phone.
👉 Wocommerce order status updates SMS notifications to customers, admins, and vendors.
👉 Wocommerce WCFM & Dokan Vendor Notifications.
👉 Wocommerce Stock SMS Notifications.
👉 Notifications on Submission of Woocomerce forms.
👉 OTP Verification on all WooCommerce forms*.
👉 Country code dropdown for the phone fields.
👉 Login with phone number only.
👉 Registration with phone number only.
👉 Wocommerce Password Reset over OTP verification
👉 Custom SMS/SMTP Gateway.
👉 Twilio, MSG91, AWS SNS Gateway Supported.
👉 WhatsApp Order Status Notifications.
👉 WhatsApp OTP verification.
👉 Passwordless login with phone.
👉 OTP Verification on Selected Wocommerce product category.
👉 Wocommerce premium tags supported.

Follow this guide to Setup SMS Notifications, Order Notifications & OTP Verification on your Woocommerce site: Guide
Contact us at to know more.

Supported Forms

Woocomerce OTP Verification plugin provides OTP Verification using Phone and Email on Wocommerce Login/ Registration/ Password reset/ Checkout forms.


How does this plugin work?

  1. Once the order is placed on the Woocommerce website the customer and admin will receive the SMS notifications of order status updates.
  2. SMS Notification will be sent automatically once order status changes.
  3. Users will need to verify their Phone Number/Email address before submitting the form.
  4. Once OTP is verified, the user can submit the form.

How is this plugin better than other plugins available?

  1. Send SMS Notifications to the customers, admins, and vendors for order status updates and many more!
  2. Verification of the user’s Phone Number or Email address during registration and login is a must these days. You can easily enable OTP verification on your login registration form using a plugin.
  3. WhatsApp order notifications and OTP Verification.
  4. WooCommerce SMS Order Status Notifications.
  5. Easy setup: Guide
  6. World Class 24/7 Support.


24*7 customer support is available.
For new feature requests or any queries, you can use WordPress support forum.
Email us at


  • OTP Verification Settings - Registration Form selection
  • Email Verification via OTP
  • Mobile Number Verification via OTP
  • WooCommerce SMS Notification settings
  • WooCommerce SMS Notification specific setting
  • WooCommerce SMS Customized SMS delivery


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for WooCommerce SMS notifications. Find and Install SMS Notifications / Order Notification WooCommerce / Login & Register with Phone
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page


  1. Download miniOrange SMS Notifications / Order Notification WooCommerce / Login & Register with Phone.
  2. Unzip and upload the miniorange-sms-order-notification-otp-verification directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Order Notification on WooCommerce from your Plugins page.

Vanliga frågor

Why am I required to register?

Our very simple and easy registration saves your time of configuring WordPress email settings. You don’t need to configure your own SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) gateway, our SMTP gateway is used for sending OTP.

Which forms are supported right now?

WooCommerce registration form, WooCommerce Login Form, WooCommerce checkout form, Woocommerce Product Vendor Registration Form, WooCommerce Billing Address Form, WCFM Form, Woocomerce password reset form, etc.

I want support for other forms. What should I do?

To get support for custom forms or a plugin-designed form, please email us at with a brief description of your form. You can also submit your query from the plugin’s settings page.

Can you add customized features for me?

To get support for any customized features, please email us at You can also submit your query from the plugin’s settings page.

For any other query/problem/request

Please email us at You can also submit your query from the plugin’s settings page.


30 augusti 2023
I had a unique problem using the OTP plugin since I didn't use separate pages for all the forms, they were all in one page so didn't refresh on menu changes. (Just trying to minimize time it takes to change pages.) Anyway, the OTP plugin was expecting a page change on each menu change which wasn't happening. Customer support at OTP was great and found the problem and gave me a custom solution for my website. They did a great job and saved my website!!! All my thanks to Shrikant for his excellent help.
22 maj 2023
I spent quite a lot of time reviewing and testing one time pin plugins for my Woocommerce store. Some of them looked good, but didn't integrate well with the returning customer login on the checkout page. This plugin works perfectly with Woocommerce on all login fields and any SMS gateway you choose. I'm using Twillio to send SMS notifications. I needed some assistance with the setup and a couple of tweaks, for instance I didn't want passwords on my site and instead to use the customer phone number to create a new account. Now my Woocommerce customers can login with only a OTP and no password or username. Brilliant! The plugin customer support is very friendly and helpful, respond quickly and follow up afterwards. I rate the customer support as excellent! I can highly recommend this plugin and their support for passwordless OPT login for Woocoomerce.
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  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Introduced WooComerce Account Details Form
    • Added subtab structure & Marketed WooComerce & Forms Notifications.
    • Renamed the plugin to SMS Notifications / Order Notification WooCommerce / Login & Register with Phone


  • WooCommerce Notifications & OTP Verification
    • Added refund policy links.
    • Marketed: Register Using Phone.
    • Added: OTP Verification on Selected payment Methods for WooComerce checkout form.
    • Readme updates.


  • WooCommerce Notifications & OTP Verification
    • Readme changes


  • WooCommerce Notifications & OTP Verification
    • Rearranged formlist
    • Readme changes


  • WooCommerce Notifications & OTP Verification
    • Added OTP over the new WooCommerce Checkout Form


  • WooCommerce Notifications & OTP Verification
    • Bug fixes.


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Introduced the Add-ons.
    • Compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS
    • Compatibility with WordPress 6.4


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • View Transaction fix.
    • CSS & JS fixes.
    • Renamed the plugin to Order Notification on WooCommerce / SMS Notifications / Login & Register with Phone


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Compatibility with WordPress 6.3
    • Admin Notification fix.
    • Notification CSS & View fixes.
    • Custom Order Notification fixes.
    • Visual tour fixes.
    • Changes in the WhatsApp plans as per Facebook meta policies.


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Minor Read me changes
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Added view transaction feature.
    • Added country code dropdown feature.
    • Improvements in the custom gateway tab.


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Major Read me changes
    • Minor bug fixes Woocommerce notifications.
    • Added Custom Gateway feature & changes in the licensing plans.


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Read me changes
    • Minor bug fixes for Woocommerce registration form.
    • Renamed the plugin to Order Notification on WooCommerce / SMS, Email OTP verification/ Login with phone


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Compatibility with WordPress6.2
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Security fixes


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Read me changes
    • Renamed the plugin to Order Notification / SMS OTP Verification / Email OTP verification on WooCommerce


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Compatibility with 6.1
    • Fixes for WooCommerce Login OTP
    • Fixes for order notification


  • WooCommerce OTP and Notifications
    • Released new UI


  • First version of plugin.