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My Category Excluder


It adds extra option fields to the user profile page where user can select the categories he wants to exclude from the site. You can allow excluding from the ”Home page”, ”Archive pages (excluding category archives)” or ”Feeds” and also you can set which categories can users select for excluding. You will find all these setting on ”My Category Excluder Settings” page in your admin panel.

It is really easy to use. User just selects the categories he wants to exclude on the ”Your Profile” page in ”Exclude these categories from the site” section and hits the ”Update Profile” button.

I am open to suggestions to improve the plugin !


Activate the plugin.

You can find some settings on ”Settings”/”My Category Excluder Settings” page in your admin panel.

Vanliga frågor

Can I email you with the support questions ?

No. Please use integrated forum support system.

Do you provide some extra ”premium” customization ?

Yes. You can email me in this case.


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