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My FastAPP


Build native mobile apps with My FastAPP App Builder. Increase your online business by integrating it with native APPs for Android and iOS.

With the plugin My FastAPP generator for WordPress you can create your APP in a few minutes.
What steps to take to create your APP:

  • Install the Plugin. Search “My FastAPP” in the WordPress plugin repository and download for free.
  • Settle base features. From our app builder plugin. Choose the title and colors of your App. Configure the menu, icon and home screen.
  • Check your progress on smartphone. Frame the QR code generated from the plugin with your smatphone and check immediately how your App looks and respondes. With the MyLiveViewer system you can share your project with anyone you want.
  • With the plugin, generate and download your APP files ready to submit on Google Play and Apple App Store

For more details, visit:

WordPress App Builder

What does the My FastAPP plugin do?

You don’t need to know any programming language you just need to know how to use WordPress. With My FastAPP you finally have the control you need to configure your APP. My FastAPP allows you to easily create an online shop or an appointment diary with reminders for any type of business. You can streamline your task management using the power of push notifications.


Some salient features of the My FastAPP online app builder are:

  • Native Mobile Apps
    Create a native mobile app from your WordPress website and offer your app users an authentic mobile app experience.

  • Support iOS & Android
    Make mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms using your WordPress.

  • No code
    Build your apps with My FastAPP without writing a single line of code. Blast through app development by simply building code-free apps.

  • Real time website & App content publishing
    Synchronize your WordPress site with your app in real time. You will be able to publish any changes you make to your website on your mobile app in real time.

  • Quick implementation of your APP
    Make your own app in minutes. Download the ready-to-publish builds directly from your wWordpress backend when you are done creating your APP.

  • Create your app menu with different layouts
    Your APP can have a completely customized menu by enabling the menu items by platform or by user group.

  • Personalized app design
    You can customize your mobile app with a custom layout. Using the plugin and Elementor you can create site pages that change automatically when they are displayed by My FastAPP..

  • Real device testing
    Preview your app on both Android and iOS in real modile devices. Download the MyLiveViewer from stores and scan the QR-CODE of the app. You will be able to see your app as if it were published in the stores.
    MyLiveViewer Android
    MyLiveViewer iOS



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