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News icker for Elementor lets you add news ticker with the Elementor Page builder.You can use any of your blog post as news ticker. You can also add custom texts as as news ticker. There is no limitation, so you can add unlimited numbers of news ticker with this plugin. This plugin is useful to display your latest posts, custom notification with link as news tickers or so many purposes.

It adds a new Element on the Elementor widget panel. You can show your latest posts and custom texts at anywhere of your webpage with this plugin.

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  • Use Blog Post title for news ticker.
  • Limit Numbers of Posts to Display
  • Select whether Blog Post Link Open in a new tab or not
  • Add Unlimited Numbers of Custom Texts as News Ticker
  • Add Link for your Custom News Ticker Item
  • Select whether Custom News Ticker Link Open in a new tab or not
  • Previous and Next Navigation button
  • Pause Button
  • Customizable Heading Title
  • Heading Design Customization Option
  • Control Button Design Customization Option
  • News Section Design Customization Option

  • Unlimited Numbers of News Ticker

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There is also a pro version of this plugin. You will get more features and advantages on the pro version.


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  • Two Types of Effect : Scrolling and Typing
  • Option to Enable RTL
  • Scroll Speed Option for Scrolling Effect
  • Add Posts from any Kind of Post Types Including WordPress Default Post Types and Custom Post Types
  • Choose Posts from Custom Post Types
  • Post Limit option to Limit how many Posts you want to show from Post Types
  • Order Posts option to Order Posts by Ascending or Descending Order
  • Order By options to Oder Posts by Date, ID, Title, Name, Modified Time, Post Parent ID, Randomly, Menu Order, Comment Count
  • Filter Posts From Category/Taxonomy
  • Exclude Post Option to Exclude posts from Specified Post Type
  • Pause Option on Mouse Hover
  • Option to Disable Autoplay
  • Option to Display or Hide Next, Previous Navigation Button
  • Option to Display or Hide Play/Pause Button
  • Customizable Heading Title
  • List Separator Icon with Styling Options
  • Use FontAwesome Icon for Heading Title
  • Use Custom Image for Heading Title
  • Option to Display or Hide Heading Title
  • Fully Customizable Style Options
  • Fully Customizable Heading to Change Heading Font Size, Background, Color, Font Family etc.
  • Customizable Styling Options to customize Ticker Background, Border, Font, etc.
  • Customizable Styling Options to customize Control Button Background, Border, Font, etc.
  • Anpassad JS
  • Prioriterad support

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** We welcome your feedback and new feature requests to improve the plugin! Please contact with us at for new Feature Requests**


  • Konfiguration
  • Post Select and Custom Content
  • Scrolling Mode
  • Typing Mode


10 maj 2023
The code is super friendly and very well thought out. Support is excellent.
6 juni 2022 1 svar
This plugin is easy to use and setup. I tried using several others before keeping this one because it was the easiest to use and setup and maintain and it did not slow down my website at all. I would highly recommend this plugin for your newsfeeds! The only reason I gave only 4 stars is because I wish there was an option to edit News Bars without always going through page edits.
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2.1.1 (08-29-23)

Compatible with WordPress Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor PRO Latest Version

2.1.0 (10-27-22)

Tested with Latest WordPress

Tested with Latest Elementor

Tested with Latest Elementor PRO

2.0.0 (07-18-22)

Make Compatible with WordPress 6.0.1

Make Compatible with Elementor 3.6.7

Fix PHP Deprecated: Function _register_controls is deprecated! Use Elementor\Controls_Stack::register_controls() instead.

Refactor and improve Codes

Fix Live Preview on Elementor Editor not Working

Fix Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ’global’ of undefined

1.1.6 (08-14-21)

Make Compatible with WP 5.8

Make Compatible with the Latest Elementor 3.3.1

1.1.5 (01-08-21)

Make Compatible with WP 5.6

Make Compatible with PHP 8

1.1.4 (09-29-20)

Tested with Latest WordPress Version

Tested with Latest Elementor Version

Add Review Module

1.1.3 (08-18-20)

Compatible Plugin Deactivation Feedback with WordPress 5.5


Make Compatible with WordPress 5.5


Fix Typo on Widget

Update Promo Link

Tweak: Tested with Elementor Latest Version

Tweak: Tested with WordPress Latest Version


Add Heading Design Customization Option

Add Control Button Design Customization Option

Add Content Section Design Customization Option


Add Custom CSS

Add Support Page

Add Upgrade to Pro Version Link


Fix PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class \’WBELNT_Usage_Feedback\’ not found


Add Plugin Deactivation Feedback from user


Fix Multiple News Ticker Not Working

Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: ticker_custom_content_link in news-ticker-for-elementor\templates\default.php on line 45

Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: ticker_custom_content in news-ticker-for-elementor\templates\default.php on line 46


  • Fix Post Limit Issue

Fix Placeholders for Widget Controls


  • Beginning