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Nexweave plugin will generate a experience video on your WordPress Page or blog.

Before using plugin few actions needs to be performed.

  1. Create your account on Nexweave(app).
  2. Generate your Experience template.
  3. Create Campaign from platform.
  4. Generate API key.

You can find docs and more detailed information about Nexweave on


How is a nexweave experience delivered?
* A nexweave experience can be delivered through any platform which supports video files and links.
* This includes email, SMS, WhatsApp, website banners, chat messages & advertising platforms.

User guide –
1. Create a beautiful video experience from Nexweave platform.
2. Create a campaign from the Nexweave platform if you are delivering wordpress experiences to bulk users (optional).
3. After running campaign you will get a campaign-id from the URL and short-id from the generated csv sheet.
4. Generate a API from Nexweave Api key key if you are delivering video experience to bulk users (optional).
5. Open your Nexweave plugin on WordPress site and fill all the required details in the form.
6. Choose appropriate environment (Nexweave Beta or Nexweave App) where you have created video experience
7. ”Variables override for your template” field is useful for generating personalized video experiences for the users who are logged in on your WordPress platform. You can map Available variables with the variables value in your actual video template (This step will replace all template variables value with WordPress users information on the personalized video experience).
8. Click on the magical button called Generate short code. This will generate a simple shortcode for your WordpPress blogs/pages.
9. Paste this code wherever you want on your blog/page to generate your Nexweave Personalized Video Experience.
10. You can download the generated experience report from admin panel in Excel, CSV, PDF format

What is unique ?
* If your landing page, post URL contains valid nexid as a parameter then plugin will generate a personalized video based on the nexid.
* You can generate personalized landing page URL using Nexweave campaign page.

You can also render a form below the video experience using plugin, so end user can also create personalised videos for their loved one.

You are now ready to use plugin for generating your video experience


  • Nexweave admin panel.
  • Awesome video experiences.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the Nexweave plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/directory directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Further Installation Documentation

Vanliga frågor

Who should use Nexweave plugin?

Nexweave create interactive videos with personalization. You can create your personalized video on your wordpress page or post where user will interact. Personalized video can be based on logged in users or users generated from campaign

Where I can get short-id, campaign-id and API-Key

Campaign-id, short-id and API-key you can get from

Do I need to know any code to use the Nexweave plugin?

Absolutely not. While Nexweave plugin has been designed to be very user-friendly, no coding skills required.


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  • Initial release of Nexweave plugin


  • Now user can override experience variables with URL parameters
  • Add VAR_ as a prefix to any experience variable in URL parameter to override the variable