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Order Reports for WooCommerce


Filter all WooCommerce orders by timeframe, status, amount or payment method.
For example, using filters you can generate report by payment method and display all orders made with given payment method.

Using the plugin you are able to generate reports for the following;
* Orders by Payment Method
* Orders by Status
* Orders by Amount
* Orders by Date

Customer name, and country (billing) columns for each order is provided.

Tax totals, shipping totals, and amount totals are calculated automatically for filtered orders.

All results are exportable to CSV on a single click.


  • Access limit (Administrator & Shop managers only)
  • Fast query using AJAX
  • CSV Exports


In order to Install and start using Order Reports for WooCommerce, you need to have following requirements.

PHP Minimum Version 5.4
WordPress Minimum Version 4.0
WooCommerce Minimum Version 3.0
MySQL Permissions CREATE TABLE permission required

Generate WooCommerce Order Reports based on date, status, payment method filters.


Manual Installation (via Admin Interface)

  • Click Download and download .zip file to your computer.
  • Click Plugins > Add New page on your WordPress Admin menu.
  • Choose upload.
  • Select your downloaded .zip file from computer and click Upload.
  • When upload is complete, click ‘Activate Plugin’ button.

Manual Installation (via FTP)

  • Click Download and download .zip file to your computer.
  • Unzip your downloaded .zip file to a local folder.
  • Using an FTP client, upload your local folder contents into your WordPress installation’s /wp-content/plugins directory (e.g. /wp-content/plugins/order-reports)
  • Visit Plugins page on your WordPress Admin and click Activate for ”Order Reports for WooCommerce”” plugin.


  • Orders table and filters

Vanliga frågor

Who should use this plugin?

If you are searching a list of certain type of orders regularly, Order Reports for WooCommerce will make the process much faster for you.
For example, you can quickly get a list of orders above $1000 and paid with a specific payment gateway.

Can I access historical order data?

Yes, using time frame selectors, you can retrieve list of orders between any dates.


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