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OurPass One-Click Checkout


OurPass is the fastest one-click checkout technology for digital commerce in Africa.


We make it easier, safer and faster for you to shop from your favourite online stores.
Shop and pay without the stress of filling in all your details anywhere you see the OurPass checkout button.


Your details are stored safely. You no longer have to share your information across multiple websites when shopping online.


Keep track of all your online orders and transactions in one place. Reorder your favourite items with one click.

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OurPass is developed and supported by OurPass Inc


  1. Download, install and setup WordPress
  2. Login to WordPress admin
  3. Goto Plugins -> add new
  4. Search for WooCommerce
  5. Install and activate WooCommerce
  6. Still in the plugin section, search for OurPass One-Click Checkout
  7. Install and activate OurPass One-Click Checkout plugin
  8. If installation was done well, OurPass option will appear on the side menu
  9. Click on OurPass (you will see OurPass checkout settings)
  10. Goto [OurPass Website] and signup if you don’t have an OurPass merchant account
  11. If you already have an OurPass merchant account, click on Settings on the left sidebar menu
  12. Copy the API public and secret Keys found in the setting section of the OurPass merchant account and update it on the WordPress -> OurPass (OurPass Section)
  13. Save your settings
  14. Go to your store front and start accepting payment in one-click. Thanks

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