Packaging & Extras for WooCommerce


Packaging & Extras for WooCommerce allows you to easily and intuitively manage stock packaging materials and extra items like flyers, stickers, free gifts, etc, which you might include in your order shipments.

Add your packaging and extras to your WooCommerce store just like you would with normal products, set your stock limits and set usage per order and/or per product/variation. When an order is placed, your packaging and extras stock will be reduced according to these rules. Just like normal products, you can set a low stock threshold and receive an email notification when your packaging and extras stock gets low.

Upgrade to Packaging & Extras for WooCommerce Pro for extra features and functionality, including:

  • Multiple packaging and extras per product/variation – Set amounts used for each packaging/extra assigned
  • Conditional logic for usage per order – Set up conditional logic rulesets for packaging/extras usage on a per-order basis, e.g. if the order is being shipped to a specific country, if an order uses a certain coupon code, if an order is over a total weight, and so on
  • Packaging & Extras stock overview – Easily check stock of your packaging and extras. You can filter by stock status, search by name and export CSV reports.


  • Browse to \”Plugins\” > \”Add new\” from your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on \”Upload Plugin\”
  • Upload the zip file and click on \”Install Now\”
  • Once the plugin is installed, activate it


27 augusti 2023
I bought the pro version for conditional settings and it works great. This plugin is a huge tool for my e-commerce website. Also, fraxinusstudio support made an update they sent me to work with wordpress version 6.3 and the latest release of woo commerce. Five stars well deserved!
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