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Pencil Wiki


Pencil Wiki is a simple wiki solution for your WordPress.

Basically, it adds new roles & capabilities that allow your users to add/edit wiki pages (custom post type).

It comes with several widgets and custom templates (that you can override) fully integrated with the Twenty Twelve theme.

Pages are edited backend, but there is a menu on every wiki page with the necessary links; and a wiki index / search input.

Only Administrators and Editors can create new wikis (top-level pages); and Wiki Authors can add pages to it.
Administrators and Editors can also LOCK some wiki pages (for any reason) or branches; which means they will not be editable anymore by other users.

I voluntarily made the plugin quite simple to avoid making it intrusive (javascript, css, …) and put too many features. I recommend to run it with those plugins :
* MembersMembers by Justin Tadlock, to manage roles and capabilities
* Breadcrumb NavXT by John Havlik, to generate breadcrumbs
* Simple Footnotes by Andrew Nacin, to put footnotes in your wiki pages.

WordPress has a revision system, which is perfect for a wiki.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to customize it (add revision messages, etc).


  1. Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  2. Copy the content from the plugin’s /theme directory to your current theme directory.
  3. In the Administration Panel > Settings > General, change the default role from Subscriber to Wiki Author; or give the required capabilities to your users.

Vanliga frågor

How can I customize the templates ?

Copy the templates from pencil-wiki/_inc/theme-default to your current theme (override the existing ones if any) and edit them.

What are the capabilities used in this plugin ?
  • edit_root_wiki_pages – allows to create top level wiki pages
  • lock_wiki_pages – allows to lock a wiki page

  • read_private_wiki_pages

  • edit_private_wiki_pages
  • delete_published_wiki_pages
  • delete_others_wiki_pages
  • delete_private_wiki_pages
  • edit_wiki_pages
  • edit_others_wiki_pages
  • edit_published_wiki_pages
  • delete_wiki_pages
  • publish_wiki_pages
How can I change the users capabilities ?

With a plugin made for that ! I suggest you the Members by Justin Tadlock.


3 september 2016
I was exactly in the same situation until a few minutes ago... although I have almost no knowledge with computers and codes... I actually wanted to delete this plugin and clicked on edit, then pencil-wiki/readme.txt and there it says something slightly different as the message (which was slightly different for me): 2. Copy the content from the plugin's */theme* directory to your current theme directory. 3. In the Administration Panel > Settings > General, change the default role from *Subscriber* to *Wiki Author*; or give the required capabilities to your users. I just did step two and don't have the message anymore, but I think I have some other problems with my posts, none of which appear weather wiki or not.
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  • Localization


  • Some bug fixes


  • Template bug fix
  • Added a way to add a reason for Revisions and to list them in the Revisions meta box !


  • Added custom walker (Pencil_Wiki_Walker_Page) for the wiki menu, allowing customisation of the selected item and its ancestors.
  • Added a filter on ”the_content” to add a message if a page is empty (so it’s no more a problem to have an empty page & subpages under it)
  • New function pwiki_has_children() to check if a wiki page has children.
  • Added Tree Widget to display a list of Wiki Pages


  • First release