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Pidex WordPress plugin allows you to place orders on Pidex directly from your WooCommerce order dashboard.

You can go to WooCommerce order details and place your Pidex parcel booking only with some button clicks. You will only need to provide the Pidex API credentials for your account. You can also enjoy automatic parcel booking when your customer checks out if you enable ”Allow automatic booking when a user checks out” in Pidex Settings.

Pidex also provides a shortcode that you can use on your website to allow your customers to track their orders.


  • Pidex parcel booking
  • Pidex automatic booking
  • Pidex parcel tracking

Privacy Policy

Pidex only collects order details necessary for placing an order.


  • Go to Pidex Settings.
  • Enter Pidex API Credentials.
  • Manually place orders from WooCommerce Order Details.
  • After Successfully placing order.
  • Pidex Parcel Tracker.


Installation Instructions
1. You may Install the plugin from the WordPress library using the Plugins section in your WordPress admin dashboard. Alternatively, you may also download the zip file, unzip it, and upload it inside the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
2. Activate the plugin after installation
3. After activating the plugin, Pidex Menu will be available. Clicking on the menu will land on the welcome page. Here you get information about getting API credentials and tracker shortcode
4. After getting your API credentials from Pidex Merchant Panel, go to Pidex Settings to enter your API credentials.
5. For automatically placing an order upon checkout (WooCommerce), please check ”Allow automatic booking when a user checks out”

Vanliga frågor

Do I need Pidex Merchant Account to use the plugin?

Yes. You must be a Pidex Merchant. Only then will you be able to get the API credentials.

Do I need any credentials from Pidex?

Yes. You will need API credentials from your Pidex Merchant Panel.

What credentials do I need to use the plugin?

You will need your Pidex Merchant ID and API Token.

How do I get the API credentials?

You can get it from your Pidex Merchant Panel.

Do I need WooCommerce for this plugin?

Yes, the plugin required WooCommerce for both manual and automatic booking.


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  • 1.0.0 is the initial release of the Pidex WordPress plugin.