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Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE)

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Pro Features


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Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • PHP version 5.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Installation Instructions

  • First make sure that Elementor Page Builder is installed, As this plugin works only with it.
  • Download the plugin then Upload it to the plugin folder: /wp-content/plugins/ or install it through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  • Tutorials


10 juni, 2020
You can create with ease a beautiful form of your product option a send them directly to the cart. Its only 0,1% of function what you get with the PRO. There is only one limit and that is your imagination. Good work dev! Thanks
25 maj, 2020
Really nice plugin. Well coded, does what i want and adds lots of functionality to Elementor which many clients often request. (This review is for the paid version of PAFE)
18 maj, 2020
Incredibly, I thought about this problem for 1 week, and now it's finished in just 5 minutes. Thank you for your extraordinary support, I am very happy to be part of Piotnet as a Customer. In addition, I will invite more of my friends to experience this amazing plugin. Piotnet has helped almost 80% of my projects that I have launched today. Hopefully Piotnet continues to grow rapidly!
10 maj, 2020
I wanted to update my review of Piotnet Addons for Elementor (free and PRO). My original review is underneath the dashed line. Since posting that review, I was contacted by the developers and they did a great job of getting my issue resolved quickly (i.e. within a few days). My only drawback was that the developers asked to have an administrator account setup on my site. I am always hesitant to grant any type of admin access but did so to get the issue resolved. ----- I was quite thrilled to find the "Equal Height for Any Widget & CTA" feature through Piotnet. I purchased the PRO (lifetime) license due to this one feature. Recently, all of my pro features are not active and I cannot for the life of me get any of them to be active. After multiple attempts to resolve the issue with the developer, I am counting this as a complete loss. I strongly recommend people NOT purchase the PRO version. Despite the seemingly low cost, if/when something goes wrong, you are likely left with no support. I wish I could get a refund on my purchase.
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  • Fix Errors with Elementor Pro 2.10.


  • New Features: Form Style, Hotspot, Particles, Progress Bar, Table,


  • Fix Image Carousel Multiple Custom URLs Error with Elementor 2.9.0.


  • Fix Errors with Elementor 2.9.0.


  • New feature: Video Playlist, Vertical Timeline, Image Accordion, Posts List, Sales Pop, Countdown Cart, Dual Color Headline.


  • New feature: Tooltip.


  • Fix Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls with Elementor 2.7.1


  • New widget: Switch Content (Content Toggle).
  • New feature: Shortcode for Saved Template Elementor Free.


  • New widget: Before After Image Comparison Slider Widget.
  • Fix Bugs.


  • Fix Errors.


  • Fix Errors.


  • Fix Errors.


  • Fix Enable / Disable Features.


  • Fix admin page.
  • Enable / Disable Features.


  • Fix admin page.
  • Remove some mistake code.


  • Added admin page.
  • Added Video Tutorials URL.
  • Added Demos URL.


  • This is a first version of Piotnet Addons For Elementor plugin.