Det hÀr tillÀgget har inte testats med nÄgon av de 3 senaste huvudversionerna av WordPress. Det kanske inte lÀngre underhÄlls och kan ha kompatibilitetsproblem nÀr det anvÀnds tillsammans med nyare versioner av WordPress.

Postr For Nostr


Share your WordPress Posts to Nostr with Postr For Nostr đŸ«‚


  • This plugin works only with NIP-07 browser extensions. No need to save your private key in WordPress.
  • Add your taxonomy terms to the note as tag type t.
  • Manage relays before postring.


A demo WordPress installation with Postr For Nostr is available here.


Logged in users will find a Post to Nostr button in the admin column actions (where the Quick Edit action is located).

If you want to provide Postr For Nostr to your visitors, simply place a button somewhere in your template. Make sure to add the postr-for-nostr class, data-post-id and data-post-type attribute as shown below.
<button type="button" class="postr-for-nostr" data-post-id="[ID]" data-post-type="[POST_TYPE]">Share</button>


Post Type Filter

Per default post, page and all registered custom post types will be allowed to be nostr postred. The allowed post types are filterable with a filter hook:
add_filter( 'postr_for_nostr_post_types', function( $post_types ) {
// unset('post_type');
return $post_types;
}, 10, 1 );


  • nbd-wtf/nostr-tools:


Use this code freely, widely and for free. Provision of this code provides and implies no guarantee.
Please respect the GPL v3 licence, which is available via


  • A preview of postring to Nostr with Postr For Nostr.
  • The Post to Nostr button in the WordPress admin column actions.


  1. Upload the postr-for-nostr folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


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