Product Categories/Tags Bottom Description for WooCommerce


This plugin will add a new content field to your Woocommerce product categories and tags that will be displayed right after your list of products in the product category/tag page. You can also change where the description it’s displayed based on your needs. There’s also an option to hide this new description and show it anywhere you want through a shortcode.

This will allow you to split your product categories/tags content between the top and bottom parts of the page. You can use this bottom field to add additional content to your product category/tag to improve your SEO, while keeping the products visible in the top part of the page and improving the UX.

You just need to enable the plugin and a new content field will appear in your product categories/tags ready for you to use.

[woo-bottom-description]: this will display the product category/tag bottom description of the current product category .
[woo-bottom-description category_slug=”my-category”]: this will display the product category/tag bottom description of the product category specified through the ”category_slug” parameter (need to replace ”my-category” with the appropriate slug).

Plugin features
– Add a new WYSWYG metabox to your Woocommerce product categories/tags.
– Display the content in the bottom part of your product categories after the products.
– Ability to display/hide the new product category/tag description
– Ability to display the new product category/tag description from anywhere of your website through the shortcodes
– Ability to change the default place where the product category/tag description is displayed
– Create new content to improve your SEO.
– Organize the information of your product categories and improve your website UX.
– Simple yet powerful plugin.
– Does not impact on your website performance.
– Compatible with PHP 8.


15 november 2023
I was searching for a quick solution to place content below my products on categories pages and this is the best solution i found. Thanks
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