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Monetize your blog with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments.

Advantages & Features:

  • hide parts of your content (such as images, videos or text) to require users to tip to unlock
  • WooCommerce gateway: sell digital & physical goods
  • RestrictContentPro gateway: sell online subscriptions to readers of your news site or online courses

Check the Demo

Easy Setup:

  • just copy your API key in the plugin settings. That’s all!
  • add tip buttons to posts by typing a shortcode: [prompt_button]
  • ability to hide content until donation: [prompt_hide]your hidden text[/prompt_hide] – a powerful way to sell digital media such photos, videos, etc…
  • blur images using [prompt_blur]your image[/prompt_blur] until tip

This plugin loads code API code from – the website of our payment processor.
You need to create a free account in order to use this plugin. Their privacy policy is available here:


  • Tip button in on a Blurry Image
  • The gateway selection on a WooCommerce shipping cart during checkout
  • The gateway payment iframe on a WooCommerce order
  • Admin Area 1
  • Admin Area 2


Just install it from the WordPress plugin store or upload the file via your browser in your WordPress plugin page.

Vanliga frågor

Is this plugin for free?

Yes this plugin is completely free. For possible processing fees please visit your account on


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  • show Post title in payment frame
  • session crash fix when included from WP REST


  • fixed multiple buttons on same post


  • fixed transactions table migration


  • Initial release.