PW WooCommerce BOGO


Offer ”Buy One, Get One Free” deals for your customers in a single step!
Activating BOGO Free deals in your WooCommerce store has never been easier. Simply name your BOGO deal and click Publish. That’s it!

The Pro version includes even more great features:

  • Buy X, Get X – For example, ”Buy 3, Get 2 Free!”
  • % Off – For example, ”Buy One, Get One 75% Off”
  • Spend X, Get X – For example, ”Free Product with purchase of $25 or more”
  • Automatically add the discounted products to the customer’s cart
  • Optionally require a coupon to activate the BOGO
  • Limit the number of times the BOGO deal can be applied per order
  • Specify that only identical products or variations are discounted
  • Schedule begin and end dates for the promotions
  • Specify products by category
  • Include or exclude individual products
  • Eligible products can be different than the Discounted products
  • Options to exclude sale items or not allow other coupons in conjunction with BOGO offer
  • Compatible with all major payment gateways such as PayPal and Klarna.
  • Get these amazing features and more!

Easy to end the promotion
Simply open the BOGO deal and click Move to Trash.

Your time is priceless
There are plugins that can be configured to offer BOGO Free deals but they are difficult to set up and require a lot of trial and error. If you’re looking for a straightforward BOGO Free promotion, this plugin is the way to go.

PW WooCommerce BOGO takes the guesswork out of offering Buy One, Get One deals. It’s so easy to use!


  • All products in your WooCommerce store will be ”Buy One, Get One Free” in one step.
  • Discount is applied in the form of a coupon.
  • Pro version includes more features and awesome support.
  • Pro version includes more features and awesome support.
  • Pro version includes more features and awesome support.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/pw-woocommerce-bogo-free directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Access the plugin using your WordPress menu under “Pimwick Plugins”

Vanliga frågor

How do I start the BOGO promotion?

  • Give it a name and click Publish. Customers will see this name in the cart when they get the discount.

How do I end the BOGO promotion?

  • Simply open the BOGO deal and click Move to Trash

Where can I get the Pro version?


1 oktober 2021 1 svar
Pro version is highly recommended! As an expert, I can definitely recommend this plugin to anyone! Either limited tech skills, or a super-pro, as it was so easy to very quickly create a BOGO/50% off sale on multiple products WITHOUT going into any of the products to set anything up. All the rules are done in the plugin settings. The software is so simple, you will not need documentation. I was busy and my wife set it up for my client in about 10 min. Great job Pimwick!
23 juli 2021 1 svar
Surprisingly useless plugin though advertising is well done. The free version is just to test one BOGO type for all products. On the top of it, it does not work with up to date Wordpress. No sign of of BOGO in the cart and it’s no way to adjust anything. To get Pro version you have to pay 60 USD in hope that it will work. What a shame!
14 december 2020 1 svar
Free version works like -50% coupon, which I can create in WOO by myself and with much more customization that this ”pugin”.
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  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.6 and WooCommerce 9.1. Added requirement for WooCommerce plugin to be installed.


  • WooCommerce 9.0 compatibility.


  • Revised tags in readme.txt


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5 and WooCommerce 8.7


  • Fixed a PHP warning about using the deprecated WC_Order_Item_Coupon::offsetSet function. Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 8.3


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.4


  • Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS (High Performance Order Storage).


  • Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 8.2


  • Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 8.0 and WordPress 6.3


  • Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 7.8

Previous versions

  • See changelog.txt