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QuabAds Official Plugin


QuabAds is one of the world’s fastest growing advertising networks, helping website owners, traffic sources, and networks monetize their global mobile and web inventory.

The plugin enables WordPress site owners (Currently supported in East Africa only) to easily increase revenue from their sites or blogs. You can start monetizing your audience in 3 easy steps:

  • Sign-up for a Publisher account (instant approval).
  • Install & activate the plugin.
  • Enter your publisher and adslots IDs and start earning from each site visitor!

If you have any questions, or need support, please contact us at

What is QuabAds?

QuabAds is a network of publishers with the goal of generating more revenues from web and mobile traffic with the most effective monetization solutions in the industry.

Our robust optimization technology and auto-learning algorithms match relevant advertisers to every individual visitor to deliver only the highest paying ads on your sites.

By combining campaigns from thousands of direct advertisers and local ad networks, QuabAds provides the ultimate level of audience monetization and the highest revenue per visitor.

As a QuabAds publisher, you can make money not only from your website, but also from your mobile apps, online games, widgets, social groups, software, or just sending any other kind of online traffic.

Choose from a wide range of ad formats to find a balance between high revenues and protecting your users’ experience:

To learn more about QuabAds, visit our website


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  • QuabAds Official Plugin


  1. Sign up for Publisher account at QuabAds. Registration is 100% free and takes less than five minutes.
  2. Extract to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Use the QuabAds screen to configure the ad display settings.

To find your publisher ID and Ad Slot IDs, simply log in to your publisher account, click on Websites, and choose a website you want to display ads for. Ad Slot IDs are located in the column “Channel” as shown on the screenshot below

Vanliga frågor

Where can I find my Ad Slot IDs ?

To find your Adslot IDs, log in to your publisher account, click on Adslots, you will get a list of all the adslots that you have registered.

If you don’t have Adslots yet, create them by clicking the “Add New Slot” button.

Can I use QuabAds ad formats on the same page with Google AdSense?

Our monetization solutions are indeed fully compatible with all other networks, including AdSense.

What are your traffic and website requirements?

With a few rare exceptions, we accept all sites regardless of traffic volume. However, we do not accept websites containing adult content, malware, or any other content that violates our Terms and Conditions.

Do your ad formats work on web sites in any language?

We accept websites in any language and monetize traffic from more than 195+ countries & territories.

How do I maximize my earnings?

Revenue depends on your site traffic, its amount, and its quality. Some of the most important factors are: audience GEOs, share of mobile visitors, traffic sources, amount of page views per visitors, etc.

Increase your traffic, try different ad formats and you can be sure to get the best CPM and CPC rates in the industry.


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