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Quill Forms | The Best Typeform Alternative | Create Conversational Multi Step Form, Survey, Quiz, Cost Estimation or Donation Form on WordPress

Quill Forms | The Best Typeform Alternative | Create Conversational Multi Step Form, Survey, Quiz, Cost Estimation or Donation Form on WordPress


A new revolution in WordPress forms, surveys and quizzes with focus on UI/UX to generate more leads on your WordPress site.
Quill Forms is more than just a form. You can build forms, surveys, quizzes and cost estimation forms easily with Quill Forms.


Customer Satisfaction Survey
Correct and Incorrect Science Quiz
Personality Quiz
Trivia Quiz
Donation Form
Job Application Form
Course Evaluation Survey
Web Design Cost Calculator
Event Registration
Paid Workshop Registration

Quill Forms is the best free Typeform alternative for WordPress.
With QuillForms WordPress plugin, you can build surveys that seem less like a game of 20 questions and more like a casual conversation.
By asking one question at a time in a friendly tone, you nudge the respondents to complete the desired forms and boost your conversion rate.
What’s more, QuillForms offers loads of hip features that make creating forms as much fun as filling them!
· Drag and drop question types
· Humanize your conversation
· Personalize your themes
· Change font, colors and backgrounds with a single click
. Custom css to add your own css code

If you are looking for conversational and interactive forms, surveys or quizzes, then Quill Forms should be your choice without any doubt!
QuillForms free version comes with variety of blocks:
1- Welcome screen block
2- Date block
3- Email block
4- Dropdown block
5- Multiple choice block
6- Statement block
7- Website block
8- Short text block
9- Long text block
10- Default thank you screen
11- Group block to gather different questions at same page

How to get results in the free version?

By set up email notifications, you can get an email after each submission with the submission data. For

Features in Pro version

  • File upload block
  • Phone block
  • Entries saving and management
  • Jump logic to jump between questions based on a set of conditions
  • Calculator for quizzes and cost estimations
  • Hidden fields and custom URL parameters
  • Track UTM Parameters
  • Zapier integration to connect with 3000+ apps
  • Webhooks
  • Export entries to PDF or attach pdf to emails
  • One time payment and subscriptions with Stripe checkout and Stripe elements
  • One time payment and subscriptions with Paypal checkout and Credit card payments by Paypal
  • One time payment and subscriptions with authorize.net
  • One time payment and subscriptions with Square
  • One time payment and subscriptions with Mollie
  • One time payment and subscriptions with Razorpay
  • one time payments and subscriptions with 2checkout
  • one time payments with BTCPay Server
  • Discount coupons
  • GoogleSheets integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Constant Contact integration
  • Klaviyo integration
  • Sendinblue integration
  • Slack integration
  • MailPoet integration
  • GetResponse integration
  • Hubspot integration
  • SalesForce integration
  • GoHighLevel integration
  • FunnelKit integration
  • GroundHogg integration
  • Aweber integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • Notion integration
  • Make integration
  • Monday.com integration
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • Freshsales CRM integration
  • ClickUp integration
  • Airtable integration
  • Moosend integration
  • CleverReach integration
  • FluentCRM integration
  • Discord integration
  • Custom fonts
  • Convertkit integration
  • Asana integration
  • SalesFlare integration
  • Capsule CRM integration
  • EmailOctopus integration
  • Drip integration
  • Mautic integration
  • AgileCRM integration
  • Trello integration
  • Bitrix24 integration
  • MailerLite integration
  • Calendly integration
  • Pipedrive integration
  • Tracking with Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Tracking with Facebook Pixel
  • Opinion scale block
  • Date Calendar Picker
  • Signature block
  • Form locker to restrict access to your form with a lot of options.
  • Custom thank you screen with auto redirect and custom buttons
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Rating block
  • WP User Registration
  • Advanced Post Creation to create any page, post or any custom post type after form submission with integration with ACF

Purchase The Pro Version

Introducing Block Themes

Compare Quill Forms With Others

Compare Quill Forms with Typeform

Be a contributor

If you want to contribute, go to our QuillForms GitHub Repository and see where you can help.


  • QuillForms Builder
  • QuillForms Home page
  • QuillForms Theme
  • QuillForms Notifications
  • QuillForms Renderer


Detta tillägg tillhandahåller 13 block.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Statement
  • Website
  • Slider
  • Dropdown
  • Short Text
  • Date
  • Email
  • Long Text
  • Legal
  • Number
  • Group
  • Welcome Screen

Vanliga frågor

Is the project open source?

Yes, Quill Forms is an open source Typeform alternative

Does the free version has any branding?

No, the free version doesn’t contain any branding.

How many forms can I create with the free version?

You can build unlimited forms with the free version.

Can I use jump logic with your form?

Absoletely yes, but you need to upgrade first to our pro version

Can I use calculator for creating quizzes, cost estimation or advacned calculations?

Absoletely yes, but you need to upgrade first to our pro version

Does it work with Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, Visual Composer and Oxygen builders?

Yes, with iframe embedding, you can just copy the iframe code provided by us and insert it in your builder. That’s it!


13 juni 2024 2 svar
There is a reason this tool is cheaper than Typeform. While it does get the job done, there are some major bugs that will frustrate you. For example, the slider—if you attempt to turn on ”ticks”, the entire screen goes black and you are forced to reload and start from scratch.
2 maj 2024
I have been using Quillforms for almost a month after trying TypeForm. With Typeform, I was shocked about how much extra you have to pay for a custom redirect thank you page, which is essential to any business that wants to track its leads via Google Analytics.  Quillforms has provided everything I needed, and more from Typeform for a fraction of the price and better quality in many cases. I have been very happy with the support team’s response when I needed some help, and it’s nice to use a UK-based company.
7 mars 2024
thank you for creating this, very impressive, smart and functional! My only feedback would be that when emails are received with forms filled out, there’s no padding to the input, so it’s a bit uncomfortable to read
11 januari 2024
Great support! I required extra details in the Google Tag Manager layer, and the Quillforms team efficiently incorporated it within a few hours. Many thanks to the team!
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”Quill Forms | The Best Typeform Alternative | Create Conversational Multi Step Form, Survey, Quiz, Cost Estimation or Donation Form on WordPress” är programvara med öppen källkod. Följande personer har bidragit till detta tillägg.

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13 June 2024
Feature: Introducing BTCPay Server integration.
Fix: Fixing the slider block issue when there is no min or max or step.
Fix: Minor change in the block editor intersection observer to allow scrolling between large number of questions easily.


31 May 2024
Fix: Fixing the prepopulated values issue of ”0” for fields.
Feature: Supporting merge tags in the email subject.


21 May 2024
Fix: Fixing an issue with the default value when it is equal to zero.
Fix: Fix issue with EDD updater class.


19 April 2024
Fix: Urgent fix for rich text editor error thrown at the form builder.


19 April 2024
Feature: Introducing ”Save and Continue” feature.
Feature: GoHighLevel integration
Feature: FunnelKit integration
Feature: GroundHogg integration
Fix: fixing the default value when it is 0
Fix: fixing some issues related to dropdown block in mobile.


29 Jan 2024
Fix: Fix parsing file block merge tags within the thank you screen redirect urls.


29 Jan 2024
Fix: Fixing parsing redirect urls of thank you screens with merge tags.
Fix: Fixing the touch screen issue with Enter key to go to next block.
Feature: Add options to rename the form, edit the slug and change the form status quickly from the forms list.


20 Dec 2023
Fix: Hiding payment methods when discount coupon is full discount.
Fix: Fixing missing html doc type in the renderer.
Fix: Fixing the dropdown background color issue.


12 Dec 2023
Fix: Fixing the build issue with unnecessary files.
Feature: Allowing statement block to be added inside the group block.


6 Dec 2023
Feature: Adding a control for popup width and height.


29 Nov 2023
Fix: Fixing compatiblity with Siteground Speed Optimizer plugin.
Fix: Fixing a minor issue with the new variables comparison.
Fix: Fixing the Favicon issue.
Fix: Fixing a minor html deserializer issue.


28 Nov 2023
Feature: Introducing Elementor widgets
Feature: Adding option to compare between variables in logic conditions.
Fix: Fixing disconnecting apps in integrations.


5 Nov 2023
Feature: Introducing Google Tag Manager integration.
Fix: Fixing a minor security issue.
Fix: Fixing LiteSpeed Cache compatibility.
Fix: Fix issue with the draft forms when previewing the form in admin area.
Enhancement: Decreasing js bundle size.


12 Oct 2023
Feature: Introducing Input mask addon for basic plan.
Fix: Fixing custom fonts issue.
Fix: Fixing an issue with date block.
Dev: Adding some useful filter hooks.


26 Sep 2023
Fix: Fixing issue with email notifications message that strips some html tags.


24 Sep 2023
Feature: Replacing rich text in email message with the new rich text.
Fix: Fixing multiple choice block after clicking on the selected choice.
Fix: Fixing issues with the group block.


17 Sep 2023
Fix: Fixing issue with php old versions.
Fix: Remove the branding by default for all users.
Fix: Some minor tweaks.


15 Sep 2023
Feature: Adding Correct and incorrect quiz template
Fix: Fixing the discount coupons issue


14 Sep 2023
Feature: Adding correct/incorrect answers mode.
Feature: Adding labels for payments discounts.
Fix: Let the submit work on click on Enter.
Fix: Fix a conflict with WP Rocket, Perfmatters and 10Web Optimizer plugin.


29 August 2023
Fix: Fixing front end issues related to dropdown block.
Fix: Improving some styles.


28 August 2023
Fix: Payment tab coupons issue.


28 August 2023
Fix: Remove the branding by default for Pro users.


28 August 2023
Feature: Adding form templates.
Feature: Adding legal question type.
New: Adding Quill Forms branding,


11 August 2023
Fix: Flushing the rewrite rules to avoid the 404 errors.


9 August 2023
Urgent Fix: Fixing a bug in jump logic
Fix: Fixing the blocks dropdown error in some websites.


7 August 2023
Fix: minor tweaks for jump logic if the block is before the current block.
Fix: Removing the 3 dots in the block label if it is empty in the welcome screen block only.
Fix: Fixing an issue with WPML.
Fix: Fixing an issue with Siteground optimizer.


6 August 2023
Feature: Save user answers in user browser.
Feature: Share the form via QR code.
Feature: Discount Coupons for payments.
Feature: Export entries to PDF or attach PDF to emails.
Feature: Export and import forms.
Feature: FluentCRM integration.
Feature: Moosend integration.
Feature: CleverReach integration.
Feature: Discord integration.
Fix: Fix the Swiss currency.


15 June 2023
Fix: Urgent Fix for pop up shortcode to be working properly.


15 June 2023
Feature: Adding new option for sharing the form in a popup and redesigning the share page.
Feature: Adding 2checkout payment addon.
Feature: Adding Drip integration.
Feature: Adding EmailOctopus integration.
Feature: Adding SalesFlare inegration.
Feature: Adding Capsule CRM integration.
Fix: Fix an issue in submite button with the jump logic when the jump is backwards.


23 May 2023
Feature: Adding new slider question type.
Feature: Adding AgileCRM addon.
Feature: Adding Trello addon.
Feature: Adding min and max for multiple choice question.
Feature: Adding randomization options for all questions that supports choices.


11 May 2023
Feature: Adding custom fonts addon.
Feature: Adding Freshsales CRM integration.
Feature: Adding Airtable integration.
Feature: Adding ClickUp integration.
Feature: Adding Convertkit integration.


28 Apr 2023
Fix: Fix merge tags issue with the redirect url.
Fix: Fix rich text javascript error.


28 Apr 2023
Feature: Add Mollie payment gateway addon.
Feature: Add Razorpay payment gateway addon.
Fix: Line break issue with required astrisk.
Fix: Merge tags issue with the group block.


19 Apr 2023
Feature: Add square payment gateway addon.
Feature: Add authorize.net payment gateway addon.
Fix: let line breaks work properly.
Improvement: Let images appear more responsive in float left and float right layouts.


24 Mar 2023
Feature: Adding date calendar picker addon.
Fix: Fixing block pro label that’s displayed for valid licenses.


15 Mar 2023
Fix: Fixing custom fonts panel issue.
Fix: Fixing the validation errors that are initially displayed before answering the question.


11 Mar 2023
Feature: Adding advanced post creation addon.
Feature: Adding Zoho CRM integration.
Feature: Adding Asana integration.
Feature: Adding Bitrix24 integration.
Feature: Adding Mautic integration.
Feature: Preventing the user from proceeding to the next question if the current question isn’t valid.
Fix: Fixing the statement block quotes issue.
Fix: Some CSS tweaks.


28 Feb 2023
Fix: Fixing the builder error when the group block is empty.
Fix: Rendering merge tags properly on group block inner blocks.
Fix: Fixing the attachment removal from block editor.
Fix: Fixing the hovering toolbar issue inside the rich text.


24 Feb 2023
Feature: Add options to hide questions numbers and hide letters on answers.
Feature: Adding customer placeholder option for text input fields.
Feature: Adding minCharacters option for short text and long text.
Feature: Add the logo inside the splash loading page and enhancing the spinner.
Fix: Fix some css issues that cause some blocks to be corrupted in design like Calendly.


22 Feb 2023
Feature: Let the form height be auto resized when the form used as a shortcode to prevent the scrollbars.
Fix: Fixing an issue with the group block duplication.
Fix: Some tweaks and improvements for the mobile version.


20 Feb 2023
Fix: Fixing the mobile design issue with dropdown block.
Fix: Let child blocks of the group block sense the touch screen.


17 Feb 2023
Feature: Adding default value option for questions.
Fix: Fixing scrolling issue with Safari.
Fix: Fixing the form builder error throwing when jump from form to another.


9 Feb 2023
Fix: Fixing the group block issue with emails.
Feature: Add attachment option to the group block.


9 Feb 2023
Feature: Introducing the group block to group questions at the same page.
Feature: Add custom css feature to allow designers to add their own css.
Fix: Fixing some issues related to validation.
Fix: Fixing various CSS issues and improving some designs.


31 Jan 2023
Fix: Number question issue with zero number


30 Jan 2023
Fix: Welcome screen layout breaking issue.
Fix: Number block wasn’t allowing zero.


30 Jan 2023
Feature: Adding WP User Registration add-on.
Fix: fixing few CSS issues and some tweaks


13 Jan 2023
Fix: Compatibility with Divi theme.
Fix: Some other minor fixes.


10 Jan 2023
Feature: Adding Google Recaptcha addon.
Feature: Adding Rating block.


30 Dec 2022
Feature: Adding Mailerlite addon.
Feature: Improving theme options with presets.
Feature: Supporting RTL in admin panel.


22 Nov 2022
Fix: Fixing critical issue that breaks jump logic.


22 Nov 2022
Fix: Fixing fonts issue at renderer.
Fix: Fixing various css conflicts with WordPress version 6.1.
Feature: Improving the animation to look nicer.


11 Nov 2022
Feature: Adding the ability to run integration connections as a test or to manually run them for specific entries.
Feature: Controlling the the form footer background color.
Fix: Fixing various css conflicts with WordPress version 6.1
Fix: Fixing Settings page error.


3 Nov 2022
Urgent Fix: Block controls modal positioning issue.


3 Nov 2022
Feature: Controlling buttons font sizes with responsive control.
Feature: Controlling buttons padding with responsive control.
Feature: Adding signature block.
Feature: Adding form locker addon.
Fix: Fixing the emoji issue with the rich text


14 Oct 2022
– Fix: Fixing the block controls modal css conflicts


14 Oct 2022
– Fix: Background image wasn’t working after overriding the theme from block controls.
– Fix: Z-index issues at the builder.


13 Oct 2022
Feature: Adding layout options for each block(stack, float right, float left, split right, split left).
Feature: Adding control for attachment maximum width.
Feature: Adding fancy border radius feature for attachment.
Feature: Adding focal point picker feature for background and attachment.
Feature: Adding Calendly addon.
Feature: Adding Pipedrive addon.
Fix: Fix wrong attribute type in number block.


28 Sep 2022
Fix: Fixing a bug with overriding quillforms slug.


27 Sep 2022
Feature: Controlling questions label font family, font size and line height.
Feature: Controlling questions description font family, font size and line height.
Feature: Controlling buttons border width and and color.
Feature: Adding Monday.com integration.
Feature: Adding live preview mode in the builder.
Feature: Adding duplicate theme feature.
Feature: Adding payments labels feature to control the labels at the payment screen.
Feature: Controlling ’quillforms’ slug in the url.
Fix: Fix a bug with emails.
Fix: Fix a bug with the dropdown block when it is enabled for payments as a product.
Fix: Fix a bug with number field validation in backend.


6 Sep 2022
Feature: Adding Make addon.
Feature: Adding Notion addon.
Fix: Fixing an issue with payments.


16 Aug 2022
Feature: Adding payments feature.
Feature: Adding Stripe addon.
Feature: Adding Paypal addon.
Feature: Adding Slack addon.
Fix: Fix backend validation for fields and displaying backend errors on front end.
Fix: Fix dropdown block on mobile when it is the last question.


29 July 2022
Feature: Klaviyo integration.
Feature: MailPoet integration.
Feature: Sendinblue integration.
Feature: Adding custom html feature for all questions types.
Feature: Adding options for custom email header logo and controlling the email background.


19 July 2022
Feature: Aweber integration addon.
Feature: Improving the code to prepare entries addon to have advanced charts.
Feature: Improve email validation.
Fix: Fix the rich text component issue that happens with custom thank you screen block.


21 Jun 2022
Feature: Adding compatibility with WP Rocket.
Feature: Adding conditional logic for integrations.


1 Jun 2022
Feature: Introducing webhooks feature at the pro version.


30 May 2022
Fix: urgent update fix for the short code problem.


26 May 2022
Feature: Supporting Shortcode.


20 May 2022
Feature: Major improvements in code.


25 Apr 2022
Feature: Adding duplication feature for forms.
Feature: Adding duplication feature for questions.
Feature: Adding phone block addon.


13 Apr 2022
Fix: Fix the mobile keyboard for the number field.
Fix: Fix the drag and drop for the welcome screen.


13 Apr 2022
Fix: Fix an issue for the new combo control.


13 Apr 2022
Fix: Urgent fix for entry process offset error.


12 Apr 2022
Fix: Urgent fix for updating addons.


12 Apr 2022
Feauture: Adding hidden fields as a pro addon.
Feature: Improving the code.


7 Apr 2022
Feature: Adding Facbook pixel integration as pro addon.
Feature: Adding Google analytics integration as a pro addon.
Feature: Adding picture choice question type as a pro addon.
Fix: Fixing some minor issues regarding styling and mobile keyboard issues in email block.


29 Mar 2022
Feature: Adding horizontal animation option.
Fix: fix dropdown styling issue in mobile.


19 Mar 2022
Fix: fixing rich text dependency.


19 Mar 2022
Fix: Fix Rich Text issue in email notification message.
Feature: Better handling for loading the main react dom renderer script.


15 Mar 2022
Feature: Having logo feature in theme.
Fix: Fix the wheel issue when the block has a scrollbar.


11 Mar 2022
Feature: Release for ActiveCampaign add-on.


11 Mar 2022
Feature: Getting user info directly instead of depending on WordPress data.


7 Mar 2022
Fix: fixing the registering of addons with their plugin file.
Feature: Adding SalesForce integration.


24 Feb 2022
Fix: Fixing a conflice between Quill Forms and WP Fastest Cache.
Feature: Adding a control for buttons border radius.
Feature: Adding a toggle control for disabling navigation arrows.


23 Feb 2022
Fix: Fixing a conflict between Quill Forms and Oxygen builder.
Feature: Improving the UI for the admin dashboard.


1 Feb 2022
Fix: Fix conflict with SG optimizer plugin.
Fix: Fix conflict with Autoptimize plugin.
Fix: Fix conflict with WP Optimize plugin.
Feature: Improving the UI for Settings, Addons, License and System Pages.


28 Jan 2022
Fix: Urgent fix for missing files


28 Jan 2022
Feature: Introducing theme per block.
Feature: Enabling admin to disable progress bar.
Feature: Enabling admin to disable swiping by wheel.
Fix: Fix an error thrown at dashboard for user profile image.
Fix: Fix an issue with date formatting when the value is empty.


20 Dec 2021
Feature: Support for RTL.
Feature: Improving accessibility with keyboard for dropdown block.
Feature: Showing number only keyboard for mobile users when they answer number question.


6 Dec 2021
Feature: Add option for syncing entry processing for integrations.
Feature: Add link feature in rich text.
Fix: Styling issues in mobile screen at render part.


29 Nov 2021
Fix: Hide every thing except the form in the form page.
Feature: Improving some styles.


18 Nov 2021
Fix: Styling conflict with other plugins
Feature: Introducing Hubspot integration.


9 Nov 2021
Fix: fixing for various minor issues and having some improvements.
Feature: Introducing Zapier integration.


1 Nov 2021
Fix: Urgent fix fo nonce field issues with caching plugins


1 Nov 2021
Fix: iframe issue in sharing.
Feature: Updating plans.


25 Oct 2021
Feature: Small improvment in addons page styling


25 Oct 2021
Fix: Small fix for addons file names


24 Oct 2021
Feature: Having core structure ready for launching the pro version.
Feature: Having more improvement on UI and UX.
Feature: Improving hooks at front end.


14 Sep 2021
Fix: Merge tags positioning issue.
Feature: Supporting translations.
Feature: Adding core structure for addons and form integrations.
Feature: Improving hooks.
Feature: Improving block type methods and general housekeeping.


4 Aug 2021
Fix: Removing ”Unknown” block from the block types list.


4 Aug 2021
Feature: Improving the renderer buttons UI.
Fix: Fixing drag and drop issue that drops wrong block.
Fix: Fixing issue related to block naviation.


2 Aug 2021
Feature: Adding core class for addons.
Feature: Adding block order for all blocks.
Feature: Adding more hooks.
Fix: Fixing go next if next block is before the last block.
Fix: Fixing merge tags issue in front end when there are multiple merge tags.


19 Jul 2021
Feature: Add control for submit button label.
Feature: Add some validation contraints for blocks.
Feature: Adding a link in header for navigating back to WordPress dashboard.
Fix: Fixing various bugs related to logic and extendability.


2 Jul 2021
Fix: Theme background image not displaying in themes list.
Feature: Improvement for block type php methods.


Fix: Color bugs with multiple choice and dropdown block
Fix: Theme issues with background image and empty background colors


Fix: Theme colors issue fixed


Fix: Swiping issue after last update has been fixed.


Fix: Incorrect param ”isTouchDevice” is replaced by ”isTouchScreen”
Feature: Restrict swiping in touch screens


  • Initial release