Create a list of quotes to be displayed in random order or a specific quote one at time using custom template tags or shortcodes. Now the quotes can be listed on a page or post using a shortcode.


  • Frontend page listing all quotes.
  • WP admin plugins page.
  • RandomQuotr in the ”Settings” menu.
  • Add or edit quotes.
  • Explanations on the WP admin settings page.
  • RandomQuotr settings page.
  • Add shortcode to page to list all quotes.
  • Add random quote shortcode to page.
  • Add specific quote shortcode to page.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/randomquotr directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ page in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->RandomQuotr page add quotes in the textarea on the left-hand side. Each quote needs to be on a new line. They are split with carriage returns (line breaks).
  4. Use the following hooks to display the quotes:

Get a random quote
* rdqr_random_quote(); – this will display the text automatically.
* $quote = rdqr_get_random_quote(); – this stores the text within a variable.

Getting a specific quote
* rdqr_target_quote(3); – this will display the third quote in the list.
* $quote = rdqr_get_target_quote(); – this stores the text within a variable.

Vanliga frågor

After adding quotes when using rdqr_target_quote(0) why is nothing displayed?

The list starts at 1 not 0.

When using rdqr_target_quote and rdqr_get_target_quote why are they not doing anything?

Make sure that you are passing in a valid value. If you are passing in an invalid number (below 1, above the number of quotes), a non-number (”forty”), or there are no quotes to get, all of the functions will return null.

Can a shortcode be used to display a random quote?

Yes, use [rdqr_randomquote] in a page or post.

Can a shortcode be used to display a specific quote?

Yes, use [rdqr_targetquote singlequote=”3″] to display the third quote. Change the number 3 to the quote that you want displayed.

Can a shortcode be used to display a list of all quotes in a page or post?

Yes, use [rdqrallqts] in a page or post.

Can shortcodes be used in theme files?

Yes, to display a random quote place in your theme template. Display a specific quote by placing in your theme template. Change the number 3 to the quote that you want displayed.

Can shortcodes be used in widgets?

Yes, the shortcodes can be used in widgets.


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  • added screenshots
  • added shortcode to list all quotes on a page or post
  • made general text updates thru the readme file
  • updated wp version


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  • made within the functions.php file of the theme


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