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Razorpay Payment Button SiteOrigin Plugin


Razorpay Payment Button SiteOrigin Plugin for WordPress

Start accepting payments on WordPress in less than five minutes!

Razorpay Payment Button plugin for SiteOrigin on WordPress is a payment plugin that allows you to instantly add a payment checkout function on your SiteOrigin built website/blog. It requires zero coding and minimal technical expertise.

With this plugin, you can place a Donate Now, Pay Now, Buy Now, or Subscribe Now button on your SiteOrigin built site/blog in less than 5 minutes.

Start accepting one time and recurring payments on your website. Set up one or multiple payment plans according to your business model. Offer your customers 100+ payment modes(UPI, NEFT, Cards, Wallets, and more) via a single WordPress & SiteOrigin payment plugin

It’s a free WordPress payment plugin that makes it easier to place the payment button widget anywhere on your website. It offers an integrated checkout experience that allows visitors to make payments directly on the same page without any redirections.

Razorpay payment button helps you to start accepting payments on your website:

  • In less than 5 minutes. It’s that quick
  • Zero integration is needed. It’s that easy
  • No set-up costs are involved. It’s a free plugin

What can Razorpay Payment Button Plugin for SiteOrigin on WordPress do for you?

  • No coding required: Add a payment checkout to your website with no set-up cost and zero integration
  • Pre-made templates: Add Donate Now, Buy Now, Support Now and more customizable buttons with pre-made templates to your website
  • Checkout experience: Build a seamless checkout experience for your customers with no redirections
  • All-in-one plugin: Let your customers pay the way they want with 100+ payment modes including credit/debit card, net-banking, UPI, wallets etc.
  • Set payment plans your way: Accept one-time and recurring payments on WordPress via a single WordPress payment plugin. Read more about Subscription Buttons here
  • International Payments: Accept payments from more than 100 countries around the world
  • Automated Receipts: Send automated payment receipts and 80G receipts to your customers
  • Powerful Dashboard: Make data-driven business decisions using insights from reports available on our easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Create it your way: Customize your payment buttons to reflect your brand colours and design
  • Database that can be recorded on Razorpay Dashboard:: Collect information important to your business by adding and modifying fields on the checkout
  • Pricing fields options: List multiple products, or allow customers to choose the amount they want to pay
  • Post payment experience: Allow customers to redirect to the new landing page post successful payment
  • Customized message: Share love with your supporters in your own words with customized thank you messages
  • Plug and Play with multiple buttons: Add multiple buttons on WordPress built pages with a plug and play ease
  • Sync your WordPress and Razorpay account:Track and record payments for all your buttons on both WordPress and Razorpay account with Razorpay Payment Button Plugin


Visit for support requests or email


The Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin plugin is released under the GPLv2 license, same as that of WordPress. See the LICENSE file for the complete LICENSE text.


  • Collect payments faster with pre-made templates. You can add a Donate button on your SiteOrigin built site/blog pages in seconds.
  • Powerful dashboard to help you manage your payments and track real-time data and insights.
  • Collect payments via UPI, credit/debit card, net-banking, wallets and more on your SiteOrigin built site with a single plugin.
  • Collect important information with multiple fields and options, track them all on your Razorpay Dashboard.
  • Modify the pricing fields as per your business and products. List multiple products, or allow customers to choose the amount they want to pay.
  • Send automated payment receipts and 80G receipts to your customers.
  • Accept International Payments in a go on your SiteOrigin built pages/blogs with WordPress
  • Accept one time and recurring payments.


Get started faster with Razorpay Payment Button Plugins for SiteOrigin

Install Payment Button Manually: Upload

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory
  2. Upload the Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin Zip file to the plugin >> add new >> upload a plugin
  3. Activate the Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;

Install Razorpay Button Plugin from within WordPress:

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select Add New
  2. Search for Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin
  3. Activate Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin from your Plugins Page

Prerequisites to get started faster with Plugins:

  1. Sign up to create a Razorpay account
  2. Log into your Razorpay account and generate API keys in the test mode. -Download and save API Keys
  3. Create a Payment Button on Razorpay Dashboard

After Activation Flow:

Log in to your Razorpay Account
1. On your Razorpay Dashboard
– Settings API Keys Copy API Keys and ID
2. On your WordPress Admin Dashboard:
– Razorpay Payment Buttons SiteOrigin Settings Add API Secret Keys and details
3. Create a Payment Button on Razorpay dashboard – Quick guide.

Connect your WordPress website with your Razorpay account and you’re all ready to get started with the Razorpay Payment Button.

Vanliga frågor

What is Razorpay?

Razorpay is a full-stack payments solution that enables thousands of online and offline businesses to accept, process and disburse payments on the web and mobile apps.

What’s a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code that you may use to enhance the features and functionality of your current WordPress site.

What is a payment button?

A payment button on your website provides your customers with the experience of a payment gateway at the touch of a button. No set-up cost and zero integration.

What does the Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin plugin do?

It helps you add a payment gateway to your WordPress website or blog with a simple drag and drop ease of use.

Do I need a Razorpay account for using plugins?

Yes, you will have to sign-up for a Razorpay account. Here’s a quick guide for you.

Can I accept UPI and credit card payments on my WordPress website?

Yes, with Razorpay Payment Button you can accept payments via 100+ modes, including UPI, credit/debit cards, net-banking, wallets and more.

Can I accept international payments?

Yes, you can accept international payments with Razorpay Payment Button. Here’s a quick guide for you.

Is it safe to collect payments from Razorpay?

Safe money movement with our 100% secure ecosystem guarded with PCI DSS compliance.

How much does a Razorpay Payment Button SiteOrigin Plugin Cost?

It’s a free WordPress payment gateway plugin. Add a button on your website with zero-set up cost and get charged with a standard platform fee only when a transaction is made.

What is the platform fee for using Razorpay to accept payments?

We offer a simple, transparent pricing of 2% fee per transaction amount. However, if you’d like a customised plan for your business, you can read more here.

Where can I find a report and analysis of all transactions?

You can download all of your transactions with the details of your customers from your Razorpay dashboard.

Why am I not able to embed the payment button code snippet directly to my WordPress & SiteOrigin website?

Go the plugin way for better and faster functioning of the Razorpay Payment Button on your SiteOrigin built website. Install Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin Plugin and connect your website to the Razorpay dashboard easily.

What all is required for the seamless functioning of the Razorpay Payment Button for SiteOrigin Plugin?

  • Log in to your Razorpay account
    • Make sure you have created a Payment Button on your Razorpay dashboard. Here’s a quick guide for you.
    • Copy Key ID and API secret keys from your Razorpay account
    • Add API secret keys details on WordPress Admin Dashboard
    • Drag and drop the button widget

Can I change the label of a Payment Button?

Yes, you can customize the text and colour of the button as per your brand style on Razorpay Dashboard


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  • Fixed ’constant already defined’ error in sdk
  • Added Subscription button plan details
  • Tested upto WordPress 6.0


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  • Tested upto WordPress 5.9.3


  • Update plugin description
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