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đŸ’© reactions.

It’s what you’ve always dreamed of.

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3 september 2016
Giving a 5-star review because this is an awesome concept. I'm really looking forward to seeing it progress and become better over time. I'm also balancing out silly 1-star reviews by @Jessy161616 and @gleenk since neither of these people left reviews of the actual plugin.
21 december 2016
The jerks who one-starred this can go suck on a lemon. I don't care for comments on my sites, but I'd still like feedback. Emoji reactions allow me to get that without having to suffer through long-winded, cruddy opinions.
3 september 2016
If it's a plugin to react to poop, then explain, in great detail how it will allow such reaction. If it's an emoji plugin to react to posts using the REST API, then say so. It's just not cool having these generic plugins show up in our (public user) feeds and having to dissect what this is. Comb through shell scripts for security and wondering why composer.js files are accepted in the Repo. You Automattic devs should keep your sandboxing in-house please!
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