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Rel Nofollow


When a post is saved, the plugin adds the rel=”nofollow” attributes to post external links. The plugin also provides an apt checkbox to exclude a post from plugin’s action.

Links which already have a rel attribute are just ignored, so you can set some dofollows are well.

By default, the plugin will only act on posts, no pages or other custom post types. To include (some of) them, use a code like the following, for ex. by putting it in your theme’s functions.php:

add_filter( 'rnf_post_types', function( $post_types ) {
    return array( 'post', 'page' ); #specify all desired CPTs, comma-separated


23 juli 2022 1 svar
Thank you Stefano for creating this plugin. It works perfectly, doesn’t use JS and actually updated the database. Fingers crossed you’re able to maintain it still because it’s very valuable. thanks again!
3 september 2016 3 svar
Hi, thanks for your Plugin. I tried 4 NoFollow plugins, all do not work. If they all worked well, I do not have to write this comment on your plugin:-). Yours is primitive and planted NOFOLLOW on all links, internal and external and needs lots of manual clicks howevber it works. It also do not put NOFOLLOW in Widgets. I have to do this manually to all widgets, which take about 1-2 hours I have to update all post (more than 500 post) one by one. Each needs 5 click, so about 3,000 clicks later I completed my mission. More than a day work but the nofollow all all planted in my HTML. However your plugin also planted INTERNAL LINKS with NOFOLLOW. I hope this will be OK. UPDATE: I just realize that WP has a BATCHED Edit – you can edit all 20 posts in one admin page with just one click. This feature enabled me to edit 50% of the work in a much faster way. One other great thing is that you can immediately inactivate and delete this Plugin once you have completed your REL NOFOLLOW insertion to all those links. Deleting this plugin will not affect the REL NOFOLLOW links. Kudos to the author of this useful Plugin
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1.4 (2020/07/30)

  • Tweak: only include posts into plugin action (no pages or CPTs). To include other CPTs, see plugin description.

1.3 (2019/08/29)

  • Tweak: considering links as internal if on the same hostname (eg. if WP is installed in, even links pointing to are internal).
  • Fix: now adding rel nofollow even if a (different) rel attribute is already present, preserving it as well.

1.2 (2017/01/09)

  • Fix: plugin not ignoring links which already had the rel attribute.
  • Tweak: bit of performance improvement.

1.1 (2016/05/21)

  • New: adding the nofollow only to external links.
  • Tweak: declaring as static some class methods.


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