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Release Notes


For developers who are deploying multiple themes, it’s useful to have a full version history that details new features, improvements, and bug fixes. With Release Notes, this is simpler than ever.

Using the provided .json template and your own style.css main stylesheet, you can organize your theme deployments in releases (major, minor, and bug fixes).


  • Works with single installations and Multisite
  • Works with parent themes and child themes
  • Parses releases notes into easy-to-read sections that show users what features are new with each new release

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Please report any feature requests you have or bugs you encounter under the Support tab. This is a new plugin and I’m hoping to add more user-requested features to make this useful to developers.

Grunt Integration

Are you a Grunt user? Check out release-notes-to-readme on npmJS. This package can be used to parse our your release notes into a nice format that can be included in your theme.


  • See the current version of your site in the main Dashboard.
  • The release notes for the most current version will show by default.
  • Click on any release to see notes for that version.


Upload the Release Notes plugin to your site, and then simply activate it. You’ll now see the current theme information on your Dashboard and as a submenu under Dashboard.

Vanliga frågor

1. What format do my release notes need to be in?

Use the provided release-notes-sample.json file for inspiration. They should fall under the format of an associative array, where the key for each release notes is the full version (x.x.x).

        "release_description" : "Version 1.1 of Release Notes has some new features.",
        "release_date" : "2017-09-01 00:00:00",
        "release_notes" :[
                "note_title"       : "All da features",
                "note_description" : null,
                "note_bullets"     :[
                    "<mark>Mark it up!</mark>"
        "release_description" : "Version 1.0 of Release Notes is a major release that includes a fun new way to view release notes for themes.",
        "release_date" : "2017-08-01 00:00:00",
        "release_notes" :[
                "note_title"       : "Initial commit",
                "note_description" : "You can optionally include descriptions. Otherwise, omit it or make its value null`",
            "note_bullets"     :[
                "Supports <b>text</b> <i>styles</i>",
                "And other stuff"

            "note_title"       : "More features!",
            "note_description" : null,
            "note_bullets"     :[
                "Do what ya want"


Note that release_description and note_description are optional fields.

2. Where is the current version of the site being pulled in from?

The current version of your site will be pulled using what’s in style.css. Ideally, the most recent version in the release notes will match what’s the current version is style.css

3. It’s producing an error that says my notes are invalid

Make sure your file is valid! Use a JSON validator like JSON Lint to validate your notes.

4. It says it cannot find my release notes

Make sure your file is called release-notes.json and is located in the root directory of your theme.


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