Relevanssi – A Better Search


Relevanssi ersätter WordPress-standardsökning med en bättre sökmotor, med många funktioner och konfigurerbara alternativ. Du får bättre resultat, bättre presentation av resultat – dina användare kommer att tacka dig.

Detta är den kostnadsfria versionen av Relevanssi. Det finns även Relevanssi Premium som har fler funktioner. Mer information om Premium finns på

Do note that using Relevanssi may require large amounts (hundreds of megabytes) of database space (for a reasonable estimate, multiply the size of your wp_posts database table by three). If your hosting setup has a limited amount of space for database tables, using Relevanssi may cause problems. In those cases use of Relevanssi cannot be recommended.


  • Sökresultat sorterat efter relevans, inte efter datum.
  • Fuzzy matching: match partial words, if complete words don’t match.
  • Hitta dokument som matchar antingen bara en sökterm (OR-fråga) eller kräv att alla ord visas (AND-fråga).
  • Sök efter fraser med citat, till exempel ”min sökfras”.
  • Skapa anpassade utdrag som visar var träffen gjordes, med söktermerna markerade.
  • Markera söktermer i dokumenten när användaren klickar igenom sökresultaten.
  • Sök i kommentarer, etiketter, kategorier och anpassade fält.
  • Multisite-vänligt.
  • Stöd för bbPress.
  • Gutenberg-vänligt.

Avancerade funktioner

  • Justera vikten för rubriker, etiketter och kommentarer.
  • Logga frågor, visa de mest populära frågorna och de senaste frågorna utan träffar.
  • Begränsa sökningar till kategorier och etiketter med hjälp av en dold variabel eller tilläggsinställningar.
  • Indexerar anpassade inläggstyper och anpassade taxonomier.
  • Indexerar innehållet för kortkoder.
  • Likt Googles ”Menade du?”-förslag baserat på framgångsrika användarsökningar.
  • Stöd för WPML flerspråkstillägg och Polylang.
  • Support for s2member membership plugin, Members, Groups, Simple Membership and other membership plugins.
  • Avancerad filtrering för att hjälpa till att anpassa sökresultaten som du vill.
  • Begränsning av sökresultat för att förbättra prestanda på stora databaser.
  • Inaktivera indexering av inläggsinnehåll och inläggsrubriker med en enkel filter-åtgärds-hook.

Premiumfunktioner (endast med Relevanssi Premium)

  • Indexerar innehåll i bilagor (PDF, Office, Open Office).
  • Förbättrad stavningskorrigering i ”Menade du?“-förslag.
  • Söker på flera webbplatser i samma multisite-installation.
  • Sök och indexera användarprofiler.
  • Search and index taxonomy term pages (categories, tags, custom taxonomies).
  • Search and index arbitrary columns in wp_posts MySQL table.
  • Tilldela vikt till vilken inläggstyp och taxonomi som helst.
  • Tilldela extra vikt till nya inlägg.
  • Let the user choose between AND and OR searches, use + and – operator (AND and NOT).
  • Inställningar för export/import.
  • WP CLI-kommandon.
  • Relaterade inlägg.
  • Omdirigeringar för sökningar.


  • Cristian Damm for tag indexing, comment indexing, post/page exclusion and general helpfulness.
  • Marcus Dalgren för UTF-8-åtgärder.
  • Warren Tape för 2.5.5-åtgärder.
  • Mohib Ebrahim för obeveklig jakt efter fel.
  • John Calahan för omfattande 4.0 beta-tester.


  • Översiktssida
  • Inställningar för indexering
  • Inställningar för sökningar
  • Inställningar för loggar
  • Utdrag och markeringar
  • Inställningar för synonymer
  • Inställningar för stoppord


  1. Installera tillägget från WordPress tilläggsskärm.
  2. Aktivera tillägget.
  3. Gå till tillägets inställningssida och bygg indexet enligt instruktionerna där.
  4. Det är allt!

Relevanssi uses the standard search form and doesn’t usually need any changes in the search results template.

If the search does not bring any results, your theme probably has a query_posts() call in the search results template. That throws Relevanssi off. For more information, see The most important Relevanssi debugging trick.


För att avinstallera tillägget, ta bort tillägget med WordPress vanliga hanteringsverktyg för tillägg (från sidan Tillägg, Inaktivera först och sedan Ta bort). Om du tar bort tilläggets filer manuellt kommer databastabellerna och alternativen att finnas kvar.

Vanliga frågor


Du hittar lösningar och svar i Relevanssi Kunskapsbas.

Kontextuell hjälp

Answers to many common problems can be found from the contextual menu. Just click ”Help” in the top right corner of your WordPress admin dashboard on the Relevanssi settings page.

Relevanssi fungerar inte

If you the results don’t change after installing and activating Relevanssi, the most likely reason is that you have a call to query_posts() on your search results template. This confuses Relevanssi. Try removing the query_posts() call and see what happens.

Att söka efter ord med &-tecken eller bindestreck fungerar inte

Please read Words with punctuation can’t be found. This is a Relevanssi feature, but you can fix it from Relevanssi indexing settings.

Var är sökloggarna för användare?

Se i toppen av adminmenyn, där finns ”Sökningar av användare”.

Visning av relevanspoäng

Relevanssi lagrar relevanspoängen i $post-variabeln, som används för att sortera resultat. Lägg bara till något som liknar

echo $post->relevance_score

i din sökresultatmall i ett PHP-kodblock för att visa relevanspoängen.

Menade du?-förslag

Relevanssi offers Google-style ”Did you mean?” suggestions. See ”Did you mean” suggestions in the Knowledge Base for more details.

Vad är tf *idf viktning?

It’s the basic weighing scheme used in information retrieval. Tf stands for term frequency while idf is inverted document frequency. Term frequency is simply the number of times the term appears in a document, while document frequency is the number of documents in the database where the term appears.

Thus, the weight of the word for a document increases the more often it appears in the document and the less often it appears in other documents.

Vad är stoppord?

Each document database is full of useless words. All the little words that appear in just about every document are completely useless for information retrieval purposes. Basically, their inverted document frequency is really low, so they never have much power in matching. Also, removing those words helps to make the index smaller and searching faster.


10 april 2024
I used Relevanssi for maybe 5 years and it's one of the first plugins I add to any WP install. Personal customization is spot on, so that you get the output as you wish to convey it to your site. The depth of categorisation scans is beyond impressive and personally I see no effect on load time anywhere. Scans are super fast as are searches.. I have also added the Ajax pop-up plugin that saves users and servers a page load and takes you straight to that particular page required. The whole package is a killer engine. So much so it makes me wonder it's not THE search engine in WP. I have only needed support once in my life when wp 6.5 launched. The fix from Mikko was immediate and very friendly, helpfull and competent. I operate in TT4 (Block themes), that these "years" transition to work smooth and stable. Relevanssi is maybe the one plugin that never caused any issues. It runs flawlessly in WP and also Woocommerce and even my multi vendor art fair I currently run at Feel free to test Relevanssi live there, if you so wish. Thx Mikko for this. It's very appreciated on a daily basis!
11 mars 2024
I wanted to add captions in search results. This worked a treat, with minimum effort.
10 mars 2024
I have been using Relevanssi for several years for a number of websites and am very satisfied. It replaces the built-in WordPress search and complements it with many additional functions.
8 januari 2024 1 svar
Using this plugin was a bad choice, it is too slow on small data files (tens of documents/pages). It consumes too many server resources and even with a lot of memory and ssd drives, one query is able to overwhelm the entire server.
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  • Security fix: Prevent CSV injection attack in log export.
  • Security fix: Restrict access to doc count updates.
  • Minor fix: Product variations check the parent product for access restrictions, to avoid situations where variations of a draft product appear in the results.
  • Mindre åtgärd: Förbättrad kompatibilitet med TablePress.
  • Minor fix: Added error handling to the Ninja Table compatibility code.


  • Security fix: Relevanssi had a vulnerability where anyone could access the search logs and click logs. The log export is now protected.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi had problems with Polylang when a post or term didn’t have language specified. Now Relevanssi handles those situations better.
  • Minor fix: Post date throttling had a MySQL error that made it replace JOINs instead of concatenating.
  • Minor fix: The log database table now has an index on session_id, as not having that index can slow down the search a lot.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_searchform_dropdown_args filters the arguments for wp_dropdown_categories() in search forms.
  • Changed behaviour: Search form shortcode taxonomy dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically and not by term ID.
  • Minor fix: Caught a bug in excerpt-building with empty words.
  • Minor fix: It’s now possible to set both post__in and post__not_in and likewise for parent__in and parent__not_in.
  • Minor fix: The post_status is no longer available as a query parameter.
  • Minor fix: It’s now possible to sort posts in ascending order of relevance.


  • Minor fix: Meta query boolean to array conversion.


  • Changed behaviour: The ’relevanssi_index_content’ and ’relevanssi_index_titles’ filter hooks now get the post object as a second parameter.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi is now blocked in the reusable content block search.
  • Minor fix: Stop Relevanssi from blocking the feed searches.
  • Minor fix: Improve exact match boosts with accented letters.
  • Minor fix: Entering synonyms in Polylang all languages mode was possible; it shouldn’t be.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_highlight_regex makes it possible to adjust the regex used for highlighting.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_excerpt_custom_fields filters the list of custom fields used for creating the excerpt.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_phrase_custom_fields filters the list of custom fields used for phrase matching. Return an empty array to disable phrase matching in custom fields.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_phrase_taxonomies filters the list of taxonomies used for phrase matching. Return an empty array to disable phrase matching in taxonomies.
  • New feature: If RELEVANSSI_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY are all true, Relevanssi will print out indexing debugging messages to the error log (PHP error log or whatever is defined in WP_DEBUG_LOG).
  • Minor fix: Some ACF fields change the global $post, leading to indexing problems. Relevanssi tries to prevent that now.
  • Minor fix: Avoid fatal errors from action query variable being a non-string.
  • Minor fix: Term indexing with WPML only indexed the terms in the current admin language. Now the terms are indexed in all languages.


  • New feature: Relevanssi can now create custom field specific excerpts that come from one custom field only and know which field that is.
  • New feature: You can see the list of indexed custom field names in the indexing and excerpt settings.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_excerpt_specific_custom_field_content filters the excerpt custom field content if relevanssi_excerpt_specific_fields is enabled.
  • Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_get_custom_field_content() function now returns an array instead of string. If relevanssi_excerpt_specific_fields is off, the previous string return value is returned as a single-item array with the string in index 0. If the setting is on, the array keys are the field names.
  • Minor fix: The stopword population during the multisite installation used the wrong database table, leading to failed population.
  • Minor fix: Multisite installation is moved from wp_insert_site (priority 10) to wp_initialize_site (priority 200) in order to avoid trouble.
  • Minor fix: The session ID is now included in the log export.
  • Minor fix: The ”none” value in category dropdowns from the searchform shortcode is changed from -1 to 0.


  • New feature: Logging now includes a session ID (based on user ID for logged-in users, HTTP user agent for others, and current time, stable for 10 minutes per user). This is used to remove duplicate searches from live searches, keeping only the final search query.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_highlight_query lets you modify the search query for highlighting.
  • Changed behavior: Relevanssi no longer searches in feed searches by default.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_blocked_field_types can be used to control which ACF field types are excluded from the index. By default, this includes ’repeater’, ’flexible_content’, and ’group’.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_acf_field_object can be used to filter the ACF field object before Relevanssi indexes it. Return false to have Relevanssi ignore the field type.
  • New feature: Relevanssi debug mode has more features now.
  • Minor fix: ACF field exclusion is now recursive. If a parent field is excluded, all sub fields will also be excluded.
  • Minor fix: Handling of data attributes in in-document highlighting had a bug that caused problems with third-party plugins.
  • Minor fix: The indexing settings tab now checks if the wp_relevanssi database table exists and will create the table if it doesn’t.


  • New feature: Relevanssi now has a debug mode that will help troubleshooting and support.
  • Minor fix: Using the_permalink() caused problems with search result links. That is now fixed. Relevanssi no longer hooks onto the_permalink hook and instead uses post_link and other similar hooks.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_add_highlight_and_tracking can be used to force Relevanssi to add the highlight and tracking parameters to permalinks.
  • Changed behaviour: The ’relevanssi_wpml_filter’ filter function now runs on priority 9 instead of 10 to avoid problems with custom filters on relevanssi_hits_filter.
  • Minor fix: Handle cases of missing posts better; relevanssi_get_post() now returns a WP_Error if no post is found.
  • Minor fix: Search queries that contain apostrophes and quotes can now be deleted from the log.
  • Minor fix: Avoid a slow query on the searching tab when the throttle is not enabled.


  • New feature: Relevanssi now shows the MySQL max_allowed_packet size on the debug tab.
  • New feature: Relevanssi now shows the indexing query on the debug tab.
  • New feature: ACF field settings now include a ’Exclude from Relevanssi index’ setting. You can use that to exclude ACF fields from the Relevanssi index.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi was adding extra quotes around search terms in the highlight parameter.
  • Minor fix: Yet another update to data attributes in highlighting. Thanks to Faeddur.
  • Minor fix: Taxonomy query handling was improved. This should help in particular Polylang users who’ve had problems with Relevanssi ignoring Polylang language restrictions.