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All it takes is just 3 minutes… to take your blog to a whole new level by converting it to a magazine app for Android, iPad and the iPhone.

Reinvent your blog on mobile – you need an app!

These days people read mostly on smartphones and tablets. And you should be where your readers are – on their devices. On their home screens. You should have direct contact with your readers… and push your content to them.

With the Remag plugin you can convert your blog to a magazine app in 3 steps… and 3 minutes:

Step 1. Install this plugin and activate it

Step 2. Create your first issue – bundle a few articles from your blog

Thanks to this plugin you’ll be able to just easily pick the posts you want for the next issue of your digital magazine app.

Step 3. Preview your app and publish the very same day!

Let us know you’re ready from within our platform and we’ll take it from here and publish your apps right away.

Reconnect with your readers… and get more of them!

Over the years, you’ve managed to attract a nice readership to your blog, but you know that very often people just read one article and go… and never come back.

A mobile app is a chance for you to be in touch with them without asking for their email address or anything like that. Thanks to Remag you can have a mobile app just like the popular Productive! Magazine or the Nozbe app’s magazine.

Now every serious blogger can afford an app on the App Store!

With Remag you can shape the future of digital mobile publishing.


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