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Revhunter WP


Revhunter is a service that boost sales in your e-commerce by recovering abandoned carts and retaining lost website’s traffic using email retargeting to anonymous users. We will also help you gain new users, thanks to our audience campaigns, targeted to users most likely to purchase at your ecommerce. Basic settlement model is CPC.

Terms of use and privacy policies

Revhunter uses own cookies (called 3rd party cookies, that are installed on advertiser webpage eg. ecommerce site) to work properly. We use minimum of data (like visited page, product, or category). We do not collect any of your sensitive data (like users e-mail address). All of our data are encrypted and safe. Please read Revhunter privacy policies and Terms of use for more information: ;


Upload the Revhunter plugin to your blog, activate it, and then enter your Pixel Id.


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