Seed Social


Just upload this plugin to WordPress and activate it. The plugin will add social sharing buttons under post content.

You can enable each social network and change settings via Settings Seed Social.

Official development of Seed Social is on GitHub, with official stable releases published on The GitHub repo can be found at Please use the Support tab for potential bugs, issues, or enhancement ideas.


  • Desktop Version
  • Mobile Version
  • Settings


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/seed-social directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Vanliga frågor

How to disable some social networks

  • Go to Settings Seed Social.

Image not shown on social network / facebook post?

  • Go to Settings Seed Social and enable Open Graph. Or use Yoast SEO / All in one SEO plugin.
  • After setup, go to put your link and click Scrape Again button.

How to add buttons manually in template files?

  • Add seed_social() function after ”The Loop” in template files, such as page.php, single.php or archive.php.

    if(function_exists('seed_social')) {seed_social();}

How to add buttons manually in content?

  • Add this short code in the content box (Visual Editor or WYSIWYG Editor.)


Can you suggest CSS to align buttons center?

  • You can add this CSS code in Appearance Customize Additional CSS

    .seed-social {
    text-align: center;

Can you suggest CSS to make buttons rounded?

  • You can add this CSS code in Appearance Customize Additional CSS

    .seed-social a {
    min-width: 40px;
    width: 40px;
    height: 40px;
    border-radius: 50%;
    .seed-social i {
    width: 20px;
    height: 20px;
    background-size: 100%;
    .seed-social span.text,
    .seed-social span.count {
    display: none;


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  • Date: 15 May 2024
  • Tweak: Change Twitter to X icon


  • Date: 21 Feb 2023
  • Fix: Unable to save button text.
  • Fix: Fix ”Facebook API” to be able to get count shared to show.


  • Date: 9 Nov 2022
  • Fix: Sanitize all settings. Security issues when using unfiltered_html on multisite.


  • Date: 7 Nov 2022
  • Fix: Sanitize Settings. Security issues when using unfiltered_html on multisite.


  • Date: 21 Feb 2021
  • Tweak: Inline SVG instead of CSS. Make it easier to override style.
  • Fix: Remove url parameters for correct shared count


  • Date: 18 Nov 2020
  • Tweak: Rename JS and CSS files. Make it easy for people who can’t clear cache.


  • Date: 13 Nov 2020
  • New: Rewrite JS in Vanilla JS. No jQuery needed.
  • New: Rewrite CSS, now using SVG base64 CSS background. No icon fonts loaded.
  • New: Support Facebook Graph API v9.0. Require App ID and App Secret.


  • New: Facebook API v2.12, will be available until May 1, 2020. (If using v3.2, our plugin need App ID).
  • Tweak: Remove Google Plus (Shut down on April 2, 2019).
  • Tweak: Align center on mobile.


  • Fix: Facebook Deprecated Sharer URL.


  • Fix: ”Google Plus” Misspelled.


  • Fix: Empty button text.


  • Fix: Support PHP5.3


  • New: Buttons can be disabled on any Post/Page.
  • New: Button text can be changed.
  • Tweak: Buttons CSS on bbPress topic.


  • New: Support bbPress topic.
  • New: Change buttons CSS, easier to modify.
  • New: Example CSS in readme.
  • Tweak: Settings description.
  • Fix: Position setting disappeared if WooCommerce is not activate.
  • Fix: Support PHP7.
  • Fix: Some mobile browsers don’t close properly.


  • New: Add CSS Classes for button positions (-top, -bottom, -product-summary, -product-content).
  • Tweak: Settings description.
  • Fix: Conflict with Flatsome theme.
  • Fix: Wrong WooCommerce position setting names.


  • New: Woocommerce positions.
  • Tweak: remove Woocommerce and Seed Confirm post types.


  • New: Google Plus share count.


  • Fix: Close window after shared on Facebook (Mobile Chrome).


  • New: hide on some WooCommerce pages by default. (Cart, Checkout, Account pages.)
  • Fix: Facebook has more space than others. Now we can use inline-block and align-center.


  • Tweak: use post title when share to Line for mobile.
  • Tweak: use share + comment in Facebook button.


  • Tweak: use new Facebook Graph API.


  • Fix: use San-Serif font instead of theme font in sharing buttons.


  • New: Positions options.
  • New: short code [seed_social].


  • Fix: hide the buttons in archive pages.


  • New: Post Types options.


  • New: options page (Settings Seed Social).


  • Change to new FB Share URL.
  • Increase the priority to avoid conflct with Page Bullder by SiteOrigin.


  • First public version.