Seraphinite Alternative Slugs Manager


Undviker fel vid URL-omdirigering genom att hantera tidigare och alternativa permalänkdelar (sluggar) för bättre sökmotoroptimering. Gör det möjligt att redigera, ta bort och lägga till nya sluggar för inlägg. Läs mer om hur det används.


  • All post types support
    Particular post types can be chosen in the settings including media.
  • Tidigare sluggar
    Granska och rätta.
  • Alternativa sluggar
    Fullständig hantering.

Premium features

  • No promotions
    No promotions of other related plugins.
  • Support
    Personal prioritized support

Mer information.


  • WordPress 4.5 or higher.
  • PHP 5.4 eller senare.
  • Webbläsare (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE).


  • Redigering av inläggs-sluggar.
  • Inställningar.


  1. Choose the plugin from the WordPress repository, or choose the plugin’s archive file in ’Upload Plugin’ section in WordPress ’Plugins\Add New’, or upload and extract the plugin archive to the ’/wp-content/plugins’ directory manually.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. It will appear in the admin UI as shown in the screenshots.


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  • Alternative searching.
  • Auto-renaming (while activation or upgrading from Base version) plugin’s directory to appended by ’-ext’ to avoid external wrong overwriting by Base version.
  • CSRF checking while settings saving, resetting and importing.
  • Changing text ’Already done’ to ’Dismiss’ in review notification.
  • Decreasing CPU using while asynchronous tasks execution.
  • Direct link to a new plugin version in plugins list.
  • Direct link to download full version in upgrade message.
  • Forced overwriting temp files if the existed one is a directory.
  • License activation and upgrade to full version.
  • License block in base plugin version.
  • Limiting log files to 2 MB size and maximum 50 count.
  • On all notifications that requires confirming the close ’X’ button was removed.
  • Plugin’s custom directory name support.
  • Settings restoring confirmation.


  • ’Upgrade to base plugin version is not supported’ error on some hostings.
  • Admin Interface: Elements’ widths are broken if other plugins use the CSS class name ”block”.
  • Ajax requests could be blocked by another plugins.
  • Can’t update plugin from file if its directory is renamed.
  • Decrypting is not working after changing salts.
  • Localization is unavailable when Translate Press plugin is used.
  • Plugin’s scripts and styles are loaded incorrectly if WP plugins directory is not under WP root directory.
  • Possible warning while theme customization about ’cannot modify header information’.
  • Restoring and importing settings without privileges.
  • Sometimes Ext, Full versions are updated to Base version.
  • Sometimes error appears about call to undefined function ’get_plugins’.



  • If EULA is not accepted then showing minimal UI.
  • Import/export of settings.
  • Input-output security improvements.
  • Minimum WordPress version is 4.5.
  • Options: Multisite support.
  • Premium update.
  • The support button now opens the site page instead of the email client.
  • Upgrading from free version to full.


  • Admin scripts.
  • Localization is not reloaded on ’change_locale’ event.
  • Mismatched version is always shown as new.
  • Sometimes Ext, Full versions are updated to Base version.
  • The activation panel is not visible if the server is unavailable.
  • Unable to upgrade Extended and Premium version.
  • Update terminates due to timeout on some hosting.
  • Updating to full version is not always working.



  • Russian localization correction.
  • Upgrading to preview version trough downloading.


New features:

  • Polylang plugin support.


  • Backup previous settings structure.
  • Making backups when change .htaccess.
  • Not meeting minimum requirements notifications.
  • Reset settings.
  • Security: sanitizing input parameters.


  • ’Key’ buttons might have background on some themes.
  • Compatibility issues with Polylang plugin.
  • Frontend plugin queries are not valid for some sites.
  • License block is invisible just after installation if remote configuration is unavailable.
  • Output on some sites might be broken.
  • PHP 8: Fatal error on plugin initialization (call_user_func).
  • PHP Compatibility Checker by WPEngine detects issues with PHP 7.3.
  • Settings: ’Save changes’ button is always in English.



  • Behavior changes notification warning.
  • Checkboxes inner select links are now in Combo style.
  • Download Preview and Full bundles by current version.
  • List items operations animation.
  • Storing settings in JSON format to ensure import/export of data.


  • ”Key” link after ”Order” button is invalid.
  • Block editor: If save more one time the new slug is duplicated.
  • Block’s help button is shifted to right.
  • Call to undefined function: wpml_element_type_filter.
  • In rare cases admin UI is blocked.
  • In the admin panel, the warning ’Undefined index’ is shown, if DEBUG mode is enabled.
  • Inline comboboxes too short in WP 5.3 or higher.
  • Multiple appearing of Change Version warning.
  • Numeric slugs are not updated.
  • On some systems, script loading fails, resulting in a site loading error.
  • Separator line is invisible under WordPress 5.2 or higher.
  • Settings layout is too wide on some themes.
  • Unable to upgrade Extended and Premium version.



  • Attachments are supported.


  • PHP 5.4 ’empty’ operator compatibility.



  • Save settings result message is blocked by security plugins.



  • Help and documentation.


  • Localization.



  • Localization – Russian.


  • ’Delete’ button icon.