Simple Google reCAPTCHA


Simple Google reCAPTCHA will protect your WordPress! You have choice between default v2 Checkbox and v3 (like invisible reCAPTCHA).

No more spam comments and brute-force attacks against user accounts. Small plugin, only necessary code – no ads or tracking!

Google reCAPTCHA verification will be required only for not logged in users.

User, who newly setup the keys, will see (max for 10 days) emergency reCAPTCHA deactivate link – don’t need FTP access to disable Simple Google reCAPTCHA in case of emergency now.

Vad skyddas med reCAPTCHA?

  • Inloggningsformulär
  • Registreringsformulär
  • Lösenordsformulär för återställning
  • Kommentarsformulär
  • Nytt lösenordsformulär


Thanks all of you, who are using this plugin, I really appreciate it!

If you write me (on support forum etc.), be patient, please. I work on this plugin in my free time, it’s only my hobby.


  • New comment
  • New password
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Settings
  • reCAPTCHA v3 text instead of badge
  • Emergency reCAPTCHA deactivate link


  1. Upload plugin folder under standard plugins directory ”/wp-content/plugins/” or install through the WordPress Plugins page.
  2. Activate plugin via WordPress Plugins page.
  3. Insert reCAPTCHA v3 or v2 Checkbox keys.
  4. Done, your WordPress is protected now!

Vanliga frågor

Varför installerar du detta tillägg?

  • No ads & user tracking
  • Only 1 simple script file
  • New (hidden) reCAPTCHA v3
  • Possibility to replace v3 reCAPTCHA badge by text
  • reCAPTCHA language based on WordPress settings
  • Works in countries where Google domain is blocked
  • Emergency reCAPTCHA deactivate link

Hur inaktiverar du detta tillägg?

Use standard WordPress Plugins page. In emergency case, rename plugin folder under /wp-content/plugins/ over FTP access or use emergency reCAPTCHA deactivate link.


15 april 2021
Simple plugin which simply does what it should. As simple as it is. Pun intended. Works like a charm and is fully compatible with woocommerce.
31 januari 2021
This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Google and privacy. That's funny. Yes, we'll keep that 10gb personal data profile private. The one we get from tracking you all day. Plugin works fine but I'll be removing it.
17 november 2020
I installed this and I was unable to see my website from a mobile phone.
2 oktober 2020
Sorry the plugin is not working. It locks me out of my own wordpress site. Had to rename the folder in order to log in.
22 augusti 2020
Thank you Michal Novák, You should clearly mention to WooCommerce compatibility in the Description and even the Screenshots. I was looking for a reCAPTCHA plugin that support WooCommerce and Google reCAPTCHA v3. I luckily found the clue in the changelog, ha! Since Google reCAPTCHA v3 is invisible, so I used v2 to test at first and then enabled v3. But whether I checked "Hide reCAPTCHA v3 badge" or not, it displayed nothing. I suppose it's really working on background, lol. This is truly a perfect plugin!
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  • Bugfix: Important! Everybody who has version 3.6 should update as soon as possible! Fixed a bug with disappearing site&secret key.


  • New: Emergency reCAPTCHA deactivate link


  • Bugfix: More reliable reCAPTCHA injection (init action)
  • New: Dynamic action name to see stats in Google reCAPTCHA admin console for each page


  • Bugfix: Translations works again correctly
  • New: Works in countries where Google domain is blocked
  • New: Possibility to replace v3 reCAPTCHA badge by text


  • Bugfix: BuddyPress registration is now pass through
  • Bugfix: Other minor fixes


  • Warning: Keys validation after save was not reliable, validation removed
  • New: Added support for Google reCAPTCHA v3


  • New: Keys validation after save
  • New: More detailed error messages
  • New: Plugin is disabled until you set correct keys


  • Bugfix: User login (including password in plaintext) could get into server error log in specific case.


  • Nytt: Alternativ för inaktivera reCAPTCHA på inloggningssida
  • New: Error message instead of redirecting to the error page, besides the case of posting comments
  • Bugfix: Loading Js file on unique HTML element to avoid collision


  • Varning: Ny logik – Google reCAPTCHA js-filen laddas i bakgrunden på varje sida för användare som inte är inloggad
  • Varning: Om Google reCAPTCHA-verifiering misslyckas är svarskoden nu 403 istället för 500. Tack för ditt bidrag, Sara Kozińska!
  • Bugfix: WooCommerce problem (JSON.parse error) in checkout process has been fixed. I’m sorry for a really big delay!


  • Bugfix: Loading of Google reCAPTCHA form failed in some rare cases


  • Bugfix: Fatal error on websites running on PHP 5


  • Warning: Removed javascript function which disabling/enabling submit button If reCAPTCHA was passed, because of incompatibility with some websites in specific cases
  • Bugfix: WooCommerce – If you have activated login and register form on one page, reCAPTCHA verification is require too for register
  • New: Added uninstall script which clean settings from DB while uninstall process
  • Nytt: Om du aktiverar tillägget och webbplats eller hemlig nyckel är tom, kommer du att omdirigera till inställningssidan


  • Nytt: reCAPTCHA-verifiering läggs till på varje sida som tillåter kommentarer (stör inte registrerade användare)


  • Nytt: Lagt till länk för att donera, du kan köpa mig en kaffe nu 🙂
  • Bugfix: Plugin warnings on php7 – not quoted functions name


  • Varning: Möjligheten att bestämma när reCAPTCHA ska visas är borttaget (stör inte registrerade användare)
  • Nytt: Inkluderat stöd för BuddyPress och WooCommerce
  • Bugfix: Incompatibility with translations


  • Bugfix: No more unnecessary loading reCAPTCHA on the other pages
  • Bugfix: No more reCAPTCHA window over Clef waves (if you are using Clef plugin) on the login page


  • Warning: reCAPTCHA verification on the BuddyPress registration page has been removed
  • Warning: reCAPTCHA verification on the Add new comment form for logged in users has been removed
  • Warning: Due to keep Simple Google reCAPTCHA as simple as possible some configuration options were removed
  • New: Language settings of reCAPTCHA is based on WordPress locale now
  • New: Default WordPress submit buttons are disabled until reCAPTCHA isn’t solved
  • New: Added reCAPTCHA for Resset password form
  • Uppdaterat: Textkorrigeringar
  • Bugfix: reCAPTCHA verification just on the standard WordPress pages (unmodified by plugins/templates)


  • Varning: Förmodligen behöver du göra en ny översättning
  • Nytt: Möjlighet att ange språk för reCAPTCHA
  • Update: Minor updates for easier official translations


  • Nytt: reCAPTCHA-verifiering på BuddyPress-registreringssida
  • Bugfix: Translatable back button ”Zpět”


  • Nytt: Du kan välja var reCAPTCHA kommer att krävas
  • Bugfix: reCAPTCHA will be required only If a form has been submitted


  • Bugfix: Name of settings has been changed – to avoid conflict with other plugins


  • Nytt: Möjlighet att inaktivera reCAPTCHA i kommentarformulär för inloggade användare


  • Update: Encoding has been converted from Windows to Unix
  • Uppdaterat: Textkorrigeringar


  • New: Added ”Settings” button to WordPress plugins page
  • Nytt: reCAPTCHA krävs endast efter att ha fyllt i inställningar
  • Update: Text domain has been changed from simple-google-recaptcha to sgr – need to set up keys again


  • Update: Simple Google reCAPTCHA folder – unnecessary files were deleted


  • Uppdaterat: Skärmdumpar
  • Uppdaterat: Textkorrigeringar
  • Bugfix: Logged in users are able to post comments


  • New: Simple Google reCAPTCHA has been released!