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Support Ticket System


The idea was it to create a Ticket System completely for the Front-End, and that’s the result!
This plugin adds a ticket system to your page, to handle Questions, problems or other requests from visitors of your page.
You can use it as a help desk for co-workers in your Intranet or as a contact form for your website for example.


Right here


This Plugin on Github

Key features

  • Completely for the Front-End.
  • Independet Login from WordPress, or when you are logged in into WordPress, then you will be automatically logged in.
  • E-Mail Notification
  • To every ticket you get a link so you can check your ticket and also write with the support like a chat.
  • Normal users can take, edit their own and adopt tickets. They also can add appointments.
  • Admin users can edit all tickets and allocate tickets to other users.
  • You can add notes and solutions to every ticket.
  • You can filter tickets for Issuer, name or mail of creator, done tickets, solution or problems.
  • Datepicker Field
  • Under ”New Tickets” the tickets automatically reload every 30 seconds.

Languages and Localization?

The plugin currently comes with the following translations:
English, German


  • ticket submission form
  • ticket system with a new ticket
  • ticket in editing mode
  • ticket with appointment
  • filter for tickets
  • General Settings
  • User Administration


  1. Upload simple-support-ticket-system directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Place <?php do_shortcode('[ts_form]'); ?> in your templates or [ts_form] in page edit mode for the ticket submission form.
  4. Place <?php do_shortcode('[ts_tickets]'); ?> in your templates or [ts_tickets] in page edit mode for the ticket system page.

Vanliga frågor

Not yet!


10 oktober 2016
Support Ticket System the best plugin and one, only this plugin has support ticket system, great support team, thansk a lot.
3 september 2016
Excellent Plugin for Support Area. Very light, I’ve tested many others but this one is doing the job greatly without overloading the system. I hope that it’ll be improved and developed further. Thanks.
3 september 2016 4 svar
Looking awesome working well tested it on my site and love the operation of it Are we able to change or remove optional fields at all and change wording on the date picker etc (back end or will it have an editor) keep up the great work I really like the look of this
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  • Fixed max length for email text.


  • Function added to send a ticket-link within the notification e-mails.


  • Added Multisite support


  • User Guide added


  • Fixed search function


  • Fixed unintentional backslashes in text


  • Email notification for those who create the ticket. They will be informed when their ticket was ”taken”, when it’s ”done” and when there is a new answer.
  • You can consult and answer your ticket under an generated link.
  • Following you can answer when you work on tickets, so it’s kind like a chat.
  • Problem Field is renameble now.
  • ”Report problem” was changed to ”Submit”.


  • When you updated to 1.2.2 before 19.11.2015 (UTC+1 13:00h) and your wordpress backend doesn’t load anymore please redownload fixed v1.2.2
  • Only whitespace in necessary fields isn’t allowed anymore.
  • Database Update only loads when user is admin.


  • Security Update
  • Special thanks to the user ”iberiam”


  • You can rename the optional fields and the datepicker field.
  • You can also hide these fields.
  • Appointment field is now the datepicker field.
  • Appointment added from the issuer are shown under the ticket itself.
  • When logged in Name and Email in Form are not editable.


  • When you are already logged in in WordPress, you don’t have to log in again
  • When you are logged in, Name and Email will be filled in into submit form
  • Added a Title to tickets
  • Loading Spinner now with transparent background


  • Deleted Salutation because the email function is not ready
  • added titles for buttons


  • First release