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  • Simple Testimonials


13 oktober 2020
I wanted to display one random testimonial picked out of a particular category. This took me through a process of adding & activating 5 different plugins before finding this one that worked great, exactly as I wanted. I'm using Oxygen with Word Press and adding the shortcode was easy.
12 mars 2017
I'll keep this review (very) short, as this is a classic case of "It does exactly what it says on the tin"! I was personally looking for a simple plugin that would enable me to setup a list of short "soundbites" / testimonials - and then have them randomly displayed via a widget on (in my case) the right-hand-side of all pages on the Website I'm working on. I found this Plugin high on Google - so thought I'd give it a try. BOY am I glad I did. Installation was a breeze - and within a matter of minutes I'd achieved precisely what I wanted! All that remained was for me to do some CSS work to present the content how I wanted it (i.e. to match the Website) - and bingo! I was done. Highly recommended if you're looking for something like this too. Big thanks to the authors. John.
3 september 2016
Super lightweight plugin, clean code, and best of all: no bloated styling! This plugin is exactly the simple testimonials plugin I've wanted without any of the extra fluff to get in the way.
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