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Simple Theme Demo Importer Plugin


Simple Theme Demo Importer plugin will help to import the theme demo content based on the Demos are available. Easily customizable for the Theme Developers to integrate as theme recomended plugins.
The New version of plugin is enabled with the option to import the demos from Plugin or Theme folder.
Simple Theme Demo Importer, to help developer most to reduce the overhead on demo import.

Major features in Simple Theme Demo Importer include:

  1. Now demo can be set from the Theme Folder itself. [ New ]

  2. Just Copy the Importer Folder in your theme Folder. [ New ]

  3. Deactivation Hook Added [ New ]

  4. Status Report page added [ New ]

  5. Easy to customize to use for any theme.

  6. Fully JSON based settings for the Required Plugins to be installed before demo import.

  7. Theme Setup JSON

  8. Multiple Menu Location allowed [ Based on your theme ]

  9. Front and Blog Page settings using theme JSON file

  10. Revolution Slider Support Integrated

  11. Redux Theme Option Panel Support Integrated

  12. Widget Import Support Integrated [ .wie file for widget import ]

  13. Demo Import data is for Unit Test Data of WordPress

  14. Redirected to Landing Page on Activation

Premium Version

Coming Soon [ More Query please click here ]

  1. Layer Slider Import Option Added. Now you can export and import Layer Slider Files.

  2. PHP Settings JSON. You can mention PHP Settings required to import the data. E.G : Upload Size, Folder Perssions etc.

  3. PHP Settings will show notices, and will disable the Import Button if not satisfied.

  4. Already Imported Notice will be shown if any demos is already imported.

  5. Message Customization [ JSON File ].Error or Notice messages can be customized using JSON file.

Recommended Plugins

The list of recomended plugin are given below :

  1. Widget Importer & Exporter Plugin, Widget Import file with extension of .wie

  2. Redux, Theme Option Panel.


  1. demo_info.json : Demo Related JSON Structure
  2. plugin_check.json : Required Plugin checking JSON Structure
  3. screenshot.png : Default Screenshot for demo
  4. theme_data.xml : Demo Content for specific demo
  5. widget_data.wie : Widget Import file
  6. redux.json : Redux Theme Option import file
  7. : Revolution Slider Demo file for test


  • Plugin Check JSON Structure
  • Theme Demo JSON Structure
  • Required Plugin Notice
  • More Than one demo
  • Plugin File Structure
  • Demo Content from Theme Folder


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > click on Installed plugins > look for add new at the top most of the screen and click here > Add Plugins > upload plugin > choose file -> click here and upload Simple Demo Importer plugin.

  2. Activate Plugin through ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  3. If you want it to be imported from your theme folder, please follow the process below :

    3.1 Copy the Importer Folder from Simple Theme Demo Importer Plugin.
    3.2 Paste it into Your Theme Folder. [ Screenshot 6 ]

You will find ’Import Demos’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


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