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Simple upcoming


This is another simple plugin to add a little functionality of a
calendar to your blog. With this plugin you can specify, for any of
your posts, an associated ”Event Date” using a new widget in the post
editor. Then, elsewhere on your site, you can retrieve a list of
future events using the [upcoming] shortcode on any post or page.

The shortcode supports several options:

  • category_name: If defined, show posts only from these
    categories. You can provide multiple comma-separated category
    identifiers (slugs).

  • days_old: Show events whose Event Date is no more than this many
    days past. The default is 0, which shows only events taking place
    today or later. If you enter a non-numeric value such as infinity,
    then all matching events will be shown regardless of the Event Date.

  • style: One of list (default) or post. If it is list, then
    the list style is indented and bulleted. If it is post then the
    title is promoted to <h2 class="upcoming-entry-title"> and the list
    style is plain.

  • text: One of none (default), excerpt, or normal. If it is
    excerpt, then the post excerpt is shown, similar to search results.
    If it is normal then the full post (up to the [more] tag) is

  • null_text: If no results are returned, shows this text.
    Defaults to (none).

  • class_name: If defined, adds this class name to the generated <ul>
    tag. Useful for custom styling.

  • show_date: If defined, the date will precede the post title

  • date_format: If showing the date, this php date format will be
    used. The default is the Date Format value from the General Settings
    page. I recommend "F j, Y", which displays as ”May 12, 2012”.

  • q: Arbitrary additional arguments to pass to the query. See the
    page for available syntax. For example, to show only events with tag
    ”workshop”, and only 3 such events, you would write [upcoming

The output can then be further formatted using CSS. We recommend the
plugin Improved Simpler
quickly styling your upcoming events list (and your site)!

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0.3 added shortcode parameter days_old.

0.2.1 bug fix: the default event date was the start of 1970 rather

than no date at all.

0.2 Unfortunately I have changed the way dates are stored in the

database. This means you will have to open and re-save any posts you
have with the ”Event Date” set. I have also changed the shortcode
parameters slightly with style becoming both style and text.
Please have a look at the syntax. I apologize for the inconvenience!

big fixes: dates in different years were sorted incorrectly. the
timezone was not respected.

new features: added the q and text parameters

0.1.3 bug fix: added nopaging so all relevant posts appear

0.1.2 bug fix: sticky posts were always appearing

0.1.1 bug fix: non-empty input to the "event date" box wasn't working

(accidentally introduced in the last bug fix)

0.1 bug fix: empty input to the "event date" box wasn't working

0.0 initial release