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Slick carousel


Shortcode Options

All of these options can also be set via the settings page, however if you’d like different settings for different carousels, you can override these by using shortcode options…

  • orderby and order (default menu_order ASC)

    • What order to display the posts in. Uses WP_Query terms.
    • [slick-carousel orderby="rand"]
    • [slick-carousel orderby="date" orderby="DESC"]
  • category (default all)

    • Filter carousel items by a comma separated list of carousel category slugs.
    • [slick-carousel category="homepage,highlights"]
  • id (default all)

    • Specify the ID of a specific carousel post to display only one image.
    • Find the image ID by looking at the edit post link, eg. post 109 would be /wp-admin/post.php?post=109&action=edit
    • [slick-carousel id="109"]


The easy way:

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for ”Slick carousel”
  3. Click ’Install’
  4. Activate the plugin

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin file from this page and unzip the contents
  2. Upload the slick-carousel folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the slick-carousel plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Once Activated

  1. Place the [slick-carousel] shortcode in a Page or Post
  2. Create new items in the Carousel post type, uploading a Featured Image for each.
    1. Optional: You can hyperlink each image by entering the desired url Image Link URL admin metabox when adding a new carousel image.

Frequently Asked Questions

** How do I insert the carousel? **

First of all, install and activate the plugin. Go to ’Slick Carousel’ in the WordPress admin pages and add some images. Then, insert the carousel using the [slick-carousel] into the body of any page.

** Can I insert the carousel into a WordPress template instead of a page? **

Absolutely – you just need to use the do_shortcode WordPress function. For example:

** Can I change the order that the images display in? **

You can specify the order that the carousel displays images by changing the setting in the Settings page, or by using the orderby and order shortcode attributes. The settings page has common settings, or you can use any terms described for the WP_Query orderby terms for the shortcode.

** Can I have different carousels with different images on the same site? **

Yes – create a few categories and add your specific images to a specific category. Then, when inserting the shortcode into the page, specify which category you want it to display images from using the category shortcode attribute.

** Can I customise the way it looks / works? **

The carousel shortcode has a number of attributes that you can use to customise the output.

** Help! Nothing is showing up at all **

  1. Is the plugin installed and activated?
  2. Have you added any items in the Slick Carousel post type?
  3. Have you placed the [slick-carousel] shortcode in your page?

Try writing the shortcode using the ’Text’ editor instead of the ’Visual’ editor, as the visual editor can sometimes add extra unwanted markup.


3 september 2016
The best carousel in my opinion. Sure instructions are light, but check out the github page. Also noticed if not working change your theme, it might be your theme? Change to the WP generic to test. If I could hook it up with Featured Video Plus plugin then boom. Hint, hint.
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