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Slide Banners


Slide Banners is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to create banners that slide in and overtop of any page content.
Simply upload your banner which can be an image, flash or HTML code, set your variables, preview, deploy. 9 Languages!


  • Now in 9 Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish,
  • No coding required!
  • Mobile Responsive: All images and HTML banners are responsive.
  • Use an Image, Flash, HTML, or HTML5 Banner.
  • Set your URL (Open in a new window or not)
  • Set your Dimensions
  • Set your Position (top of page, middle of page etc.)
  • Scroll with Page or not.
  • Change the location of your close and open button. (top, left, bottom, right)
  • Show an open button First.
  • Open Delay (set in seconds)
  • Close Delay (set in seconds)
  • When you click the close button the banner disappears.
  • Add a cookie to show only once per day.
  • Free Upgrades


More Features

NOTE: Certain features are exclusive to the Full version of Push Down Banners.
* Save unlimited banners
* Full Stats: daily, weekly, monthly with a 6 month history
* Any Direction
* Any Position


  • English
  • Franska
  • Spanska
  • Portugisiska
  • German
  • Nederländska
  • Italian
  • Ryska
  • Arabiska
  • Turkiska


Installing the plugin is as easy as clicking ”Install Now” from your dashboards plugin page.
Get started my clicking the “Add New Slide Banner” on the left menu under Slide Banners

Vanliga frågor

Q: Is it compatible with DFP, OpenX, Adtech or Adzerk or other banner rotators?
Answer: Yes. As long as you can edit the HTML for the banner in your banner system our media kit will work for you.

Q: Do all banners work with HTML5?
Answer: Yes, all products are compatible with HTML5, HTML, Youtube, Flash or images.

Q: Is it easy to customize the size to a non standard size, such as: 728X90 (closed) – 728X530 (open)
Answer: Yes, you can customize the banners to any size.


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  • 1.3 – Updated Arabic Language
  • 1.2 – Added Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish,
  • 1.1 – Fixed URL Bug & Set timeout function after 1000ms
  • 1.0 – Updated the Readme.txt file