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Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the best tracking systems available. It allows you to analyze how you visitors found you, via which pages they enter your site, via which pages they leave your site and which pages they visit during their session.

SMNTCS Google Analytics

SMNTCS Google Analytics enables you to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

IP Anonymization

Since version 2.0 it’s possible to anonymize the IP of your visitor, which is required by law in some countries.


  • Paste you Google Analytics tracking code in the customizer


  1. Upload smntcs-google-analytics to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to, add a new site and copy the tracking code
  4. Go to Appearance → Customize → Google Analytics and paste your tracking code
  5. Anonymize visitors IP address if necessary

Vanliga frågor

Why am I not able to save the verification code?

This issue might be caused by a security plugin. If you use a security plugin, e.g. Wordfence, then disable it so save your verification code and activate it once you’re done.


8 april 2019 1 svar
Been battling with this because of all the settings. This makes life easier thanks!
3 september 2016
I'm running this now on one of my websites and it's so much more simple than adding the code manually to the header / footer tag. Thanks for streamlining my day!
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2.9 (2023.10.15)

  • Test up to WP 6.4

2.8 (2022.12.03)

  • Test up to WP 6.1

2.7 (2022.05.09)

  • Test up to WP 6.0

2.6 (2021.04.27)

2.5 (2021.04.27)

2.4 (2019.12.21)

  • Test up to WP 5.3
  • Add build tools

2.3 (2019.06.28)

  • Test up to WP 5.2

2.2 (2019.06.28)

  • Test up to WP 5.1

2.1 (2016.12.24)

  • Add FAQ

2.0 (2016.09.11)

  • Use Customizer instead of options page

1.4 (2016.07.20)

  • Add donation link

1.3 (2016.07.20)

  • Update textdomain

1.2 (2016.07.20)

  • Fix tracking code visibility

1.1 (2016.07.20)

  • Fix plugin title

1.0 (2016.07.20)

  • Första utgåvan