You are developing things on a WordPress site and would like to have a snapshot of the current state of your site? SnapShots will help you save states of your WordPress environment.

  • Save snapshots of your site with a simple click.
  • Name your snapshots for easy distinction.
  • SnapShots stores current location and redirects after restore.
  • Stores and restores database tables and files in upload folder.
  • Automatically logs in current user.
  • Automatically clears old snapshots with same name.
  • Small footprint and minimal UI.


All options are defined via constants and can get overwritten with a filter. The format of options is


Best to define your custom option constants in the wp-config.php file.

You can use filters options like

add_filter( 'snapshots_[option_name]', function( $default_option ){
    return $my_option;

Default Options

// Default save location.

// add '--allow-root' to each command if you run the commands as root.

// define the location of your 'wp' binaries.
SNAPSHOTS_CLI_PATH: '/usr/local/bin'

// Number of shots kept with the same name.

// SnapShot includes files from content folder.

// SnapShot includes location (URL) during creation to redirect on restore.


  1. Upload snapshosts to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on ”Click here to create your first Snapshot!” in the admin bar to create your first Snapshot.
  4. Restore the saved snapshot by clicking on the menu entry and confirm.
  5. All tables not used in the current SnapShot with the DB prefix will be removed!

Vanliga frågor

What are the requirements for SnapShots

You need WP CLI installed (at least version 2.2) and PHP must be able to execute external programs with PHPs exec

Does it work without WP CLI?

No, WP CLI is essential here and SnapShots will not work without it. You will not be able to activate the plugin without the addon.

Does it work with ”Local by Flywheel”

Yes, the plugin has been tested with the amazoing tool from Flywheel and works out of the box.


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