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Snillrik Restaurant


The idea is that you can create a bunch of different dishes, with images, price, ingredients etc… Then these are used to make up menus that are easily changed from day to day. So a particular use would be a lunch menu where you would want the same menu and shortcode but you want to change dishes every day. You could also have several menus, maybe one for each day of the week.

There are also categories for the different dishes, so if you have like Meat, Fish, Veg, Ice cream etc, the menu will be in that order.

So, the plugin adds dishes and menus that can be added and edited the wordpress way. Then you can use the widget to add specific dishes and a shortcode for the menu on a page.

[snillrik_restaurant_menu menuid=”42″ showcategory=1|0 linktitle=1|0 category=”” orderby=”menu_order”]
If you want to not show the category text chose 0 and if you want to link to the dish page chose 1 etc. menu_order is the order param set in admin on each dish. the orderby can be set to common wp orderbys too, like date or title.

A simple list of dishes sorted under categories. Intended to be a side menu etc.

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    1. Upload the plugin folder to the ’/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress site,
    2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress,

    Vanliga frågor

    Do I need to have a category for the dishes

    Yes. I will fix this in a later version, but for now the menues list all the categories and the foods belonging to that category under it.

    Where can I report bugs, leave my feedback and get support?

    Our team answers your questions at:


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    Test of WP 6.0 and making it a bit more easy to style the menues.


    Made it a bit easier to style the menu, it’s now css flex.


    Some more escaping output and some fix, trix and just some TLC.


    Escaping text and securing output to browser.


    Testing for 5.8, no updates


    Making code a bit more consistant, and prettified a bit too.
    Made the menu-urls show dishes but the shortcodes in pages is probably still the easiest way to show menus.
    And minor bugfixes.
    Some text changes.


    Minor bugfix in shortcode showing title when showcategory set to string ”true”.
    Added parameter showcatdescription to hide description text even if set in category


    Minor update, mostly just a version check for WP 5.7


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