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Star Review Manager


The Star Review Manager Plugin lets you manage reviews that were submitted to your website. The plugin handles the storing and presenting of the reviews and related review form.

Major features of SRM include:

  • Create one or multiple review containers that shows all active reviews using a shortcode (options are bullets or stars).
  • Manage multiple reviews by approving or deleting them before they are shown on the website.
  • Add a dynamic amount of rating categories to your review form
  • Generate an easy to use review form using a shortcode.
  • Style your own reviews and review form by uploading your own custom CSS or adding to the given CSS.
  • Extensive help page with information
  • English and Dutch translation.


  • Easily check wheter you have pending reviews that are waiting for approval
  • Add a dynamic amount of rating categories to your review instance. This way, you can customize the review perfectly for your business
  • You have the ability to add your own custom css on top of the already existing CSS. Style your reviews and review form just the way you want
  • Get a clear overview of reviews that are still pending or already active and make a choice to approve or delete them
  • Create a review form and related reviews just with two simple shortcodes


Unzip the file in your plugin folder and activate your plugin in the admin menu.

And you’re done!

Vanliga frågor

What is a review instance

A review instance is a container in which your reviews reside.

How do I manage my reviews

You can manage (approve or delete) your reviews by clicking on the manage reviews link on the Manage review instances page.

I created a review instance but I do not see anything show up on the page?

Make sure that you include the review container shortcode (do not forget to also include the id parameter that can be found in the review instances table).
Next to the review container, make sure that you also include the review form short-tag (including the related container_id parameter).
More information about this can be found on the help page, located in the admin menu.


3 september 2016 1 svar
Edit: Thank you for your immediate response. Your plugin has a beautiful design. I also liked that star ratings can be brought up on the side menu for a quick evaluation. I have not re-tested it due to limited time and I have submitted my project yesterday to the client. However, seeing your work, I believe you will correct the few glitches. I always feel bad when I have to deduct a star knowing how much work there is behind all of your work. The less one star should not discourage anyone for giving your plugin a fear trial. Best wishes! —————— As of this review, I have the Star Review Manager Version: 1.2.2 First install, I had difficulty figuring the shortcode as the given one didn’t pick up anything. Current shortcode is [srm_review_form container_id=2 srm_review id=2 option_type="stars"] Everything seemed just so fantastic. The rating system was quickly setup. Now I wanted to publish. First problem: Since I am a developer and preparing this for a client, I added my email for testing purposes. Later wanted to change, but there is no ’Edit’ option to change notification email. Just confirmed inside database: uninstall does not remove the srm_..tables. They are still there. I will go ahead and remove them manually. Second problem: Although plugin looked like it was uninstalled. I installed it again, but there must have been traces somewhere in WordPress database, because it started giving me the following error message Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /…/…/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/star-review-manager/views/view.reviewform.php on line 55 . I repeated the install/ uninstall but this time the ’Manage review instances’ navigation item would not uninstall from WP admin menu. Unfortunately, I had not taken any database backup for the past 3 days, but I went through the whole recovery of a 3 day old backup. Everything is messed up and I have to install WordPress all over again. What I don’t get is that plugins are posted on WP and they are nowhere near beta testing. As developer, you should have tested install/uninstall processes ahead of time. If we can resolve the above issues, I am willing to give this plugin another try because the first time it was setup, it seemed to do the magic and would change it to 5 star. *Update: after uninstall of plugin, its (srm_tables) are still in the database.
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  • Fixed error for php5.3 in class.user.php
  • removed foreign keys in db because of limited support by dbDelta (this was causing many errors)
  • changed crud to srm_crud calls to avoid collision with other plugins


  • Changed identifier for pagination to srm-page because of issues with WP blogposts


  • Added measures to prevent Sql injection.
  • Added measures to avoid XSS
  • Added pagination based on the review limit of the review instance
  • Added the option to remove chosen categories when creating a review instance.
  • Fixed IE bug that the form would not send because of ajax


  • Added email feedback upon review submit.
  • Added option to enter receiver email when creating a review instance
  • Fixed some minor translation errors.
  • Add notification when there are pending reviews.
  • Added option to add multiple rating categories (e.g. service, maintenance)

NOTE: this version included a database change.
Because of this you, reviews created using v1.0 will not have any categorized ratings (that did not exist in 1.0). If you really need to convert the data, please send me an e-mail and I will help you out.


  • Release Date: 20 Feb 2015