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Supsis – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Integration


Would you like to perform all your flows and transactions completely and without errors? Supsis offers this and plenty more.

With Supsis Chatbot, it is possible to perform all your flows and transactions 24/7 without any errors. If you have a Whatsapp order or support line, by integrating it into Supsis, all of your representatives can provide support or order in an optimized way by providing support from a single line. With Supsis, which brings all your communication channels together, you can manage many communication channels such as SMS, Mail, CRM, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ticket, Telegram from a single place.

Would you like to try all these features for free? You can create a free demo account at any time from the homepage demo area and use it as you wish for 14 days.

You need Everything is in Supsis!

1. Free Live Chat plugin that will convert your website traffic into loyal customers

-Chatbot archives and analyzes all your data, generates reports according to the most requests, analyzes the most visited pages and presents them to you.

-You can create bots as you wish and provide quick feedback to your customers.

-With Supsis Chatbot, you can perform all your flows and transactions 24/7 without any errors.

-It sends instant notifications to you by transferring the latest status to the representative and creating a ticket. Your agent is never alone with the chatbot!

2. You can manage multiple communication channels from one place.

  • If you have a Whatsapp order or support line, by integrating it into Supsis, all of your representatives can provide support or order in an optimized way by providing support from a single line. With Supsis, which brings all your communication channels together, you can manage many communication channels such as SMS, Mail, CRM, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ticket, Telegram from a single place.

3. Bulk message support

  • By creating a Chatbot with Whatsapp plus, you can continue automatic transactions on your Whatsapp line. With Chatbot, you can send Buttons and evaluate Whatsapp bulk message options, and instantly share announcements such as campaigns and information.

  • In addition, in the live support system, your representatives can follow instant visitors, start a conversation directly with them, provide more effective support and operation by taking advantage of many features such as file transfer at the support and sales point, screen sharing, video call, automatic language translation.

Never used chatbots before? Check our video guide

Automatic Language Translation

Do you have customers and employees all over the world and find it difficult to organize? We thought of that for you too. No matter what language your agent or customer speaks, our system detects the language and translates the conversations with the translation system.

Offline Support System

Our customers can leave messages to you with the ticket-offline messaging feature we have developed to make your customers happy. These messages provide you with notification and e-mail by suspis. You can assign statuses for incoming offline requests (tickets) and automatically share them among your representatives according to these situations.

Color and Visual

You can set the image and color of the chat bubble you want, so you can create a chat bubble that is compatible with your site. In addition, with the positioning settings, in addition to the right bottom or left bottom options, you can get the desired position such as completely up and down or right left with pixel settings.

Instant Visitor Tracking

With the visitor tracking feature, you can track which page your visitors visit, how long they stay, and which page they are most interested in.

This feature will help you improve your sales and customer satisfaction. By making the operation and sales plans according to these reports, you will get more accurate results with more accurate focus.

In addition, thanks to smart triggers, you can assign special triggers for your special visitors to each page and send them chat bubbles.

Why is it Important?
The most important way to include potential customers that you have collected on your website with intense efforts and expenditures among your existing customers is through visitor tracking. As a result of good follow-up and analysis, you can see the pages they browse and the time they spend, and you can direct your business plan accordingly. You can also initiate conversations with your instant visitors, direct them to purchase products and services, and answer their questions. All these features are completely free with Supsis!

Supsis is always with you!

Selected Supsis features:

  • With artificial intelligence, you will both save time and direct your customers correctly, thanks to our system that constantly improves itself according to each answer given every day. Determine which answer will be given to which question in minutes, thanks to our ready-made scenarios.
  • Customizable themes
  • Free mobile app (iOS and Android) to communicate with your customers from anywhere and anytime via live chat
  • Inbound visitor notifications to keep them engaged as soon as they land on your website
  • Quick replies to speed up your answering the most frequently asked questions via live chat.
  • Ready to use built-in chatbots and visual editor to create from scratch without coding

Proven by market, verified by thousands of users.

  • Supsis Live Chat and Chatbot is the highest rated plugin of this type for WordPress

To run Tidio plugin for WordPress we recommend your host supports:

  • OpenSSL (to increase security by encrypting your access tokens)
  • cURL



In terms of ease of use, it is easier than some other live supports, shortcuts and canned answers are very good. The cheapest live support in terms of price performance, it remains very cheap.


Whatsapp instagram facebook telegram live support are all gathered in one place and it is very good to be able to manage all of them on a panel instead of constantly going from there to there..


With live site visitor tracking, it is more manageable in the live support area and it is perfect to see which product can be viewed directly on which page.


Supsis WordPress chat plugin installation:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to ”Add-ons” using the left sidebar.
  3. Click ”Add New” and find ”Supsis” with the search bar.
  4. Install and activate the plugin.
  5. The live chat icon will appear in the left sidebar of your WP admin panel.

After activating the plugin, create your account and start the product tour. Follow the steps to customize your widget and you’re ready to chat!

Vanliga frågor

How can we start using Supsis?

To start using the Supsis application, fill out the form information on the demo page, confirm the incoming mail, log in with your username and password and start using it.

How can we integrate it into our system?

It will be enough to add the integration code to the header section of your site. You can connect to our live support area whenever you get stuck.

Can I define a ready template?

You can define a ready-made template to respond quickly to your customers. With ready-made content and templates, you can automatically speed up your work and provide easy use by assigning shortcuts to these contents.

Is conversation history archived?

Archive options are written as details in the package options. Archive facility is available. You can archive all your chats and conversations with Supsis

Can I block offensive words?

You can pre-add offensive words and not allow agents to post these words.

Can I forward the conversation to a different teammate?

Yes, you can forward the conversation to a different teammate.

Is my personal data protected?

Yes, personal data is end-to-end encrypted. Your data is encrypted and hosted in accordance with the scope of KVKK and is not shared with third parties or institutions.

Why is the mail and phone information required in the DEMO request form required?

”Your created panel information will be notified to you on the demo screen and e-mail verification will be requested. In case you forget your information, you can log in without a password with the e-mail address you have verified and create a password.

Do I have to maintain a valid domain name (site) to create a DEMO request?

”Yes, you must have your site to functionally use it to Create a Free Demo Account.”

Is there a panel introduction in the representative panel?

”The panel interface is simple and very understandable. Preliminary information and documentation are provided within the panel.” You can also access the necessary information from the ”Help Center” menu on the homepage of our website. Feel free to connect to our live support area for any problem you encounter!

What is recorded in the archive?

In the archive area: ”Information about the correspondence history is recorded here. These are visitor requests, chat time with the visitor, grades and evaluations. With detailed filtering, easy access to the archive is provided.”

Can I follow social media content on supsis?

”Yes; You can integrate social media platforms into Supsis, so you can follow all your communication channels through Supsis.”

Can I edit and create the form of information to be requested from visitors?

”Yes, by editing the special entry form, you can use the form included in the required information requests and specify the obligation of the information.”

What solution does Supsis provide?

With the motto of everything about communication, Supsis allows your customers to reach companies easily, deliver their demands and requests to you and provide solutions, Supsis says, I will solve it!”

Is there a mobile application of Supsis software?

Yes, there is Supsis mobile application for Android and Ios. If you cannot be at your computer with the mobile application, you can continue to communicate and support.

Who developed the Supsis software?

”Supsis is being developed and developed as a 100% domestic software together with our Turkish engineer friends.”


17 februari 2023
The price performance product has a very easy to use and simple interface, especially the WhatsApp integration makes our work very easy.
9 december 2022
Thanks to the chatbot, I provide all my transactions automatically. Moreover, I created a woocommerce webhook and integrated it with chatbot. In this way, I can present all stock inquiries, follow-ups, past orders of members in the chat window and this is a great advantage for me.
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