Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar – original 1st booking plugin for WordPress. Easily receive reservations and show availability…

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Event Organiser

Create and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google Maps or OpenStreetMap),…

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Tockify Events Calendar

Tockify Calendar is a modern attractive website calendar. Beautiful. Intuitive. Super-Customizable. Lightning Fast.

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Sugar Calendar (Lite)

A sweet, simple event calendar plugin. Create your events and show them on a simple…

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Events Planner

A powerful and flexible event registration and management plugin, with a form manager, locations, organizations,…

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Events Calendar

Event management system using jquery -ui datepicker,timepicker addon,provides short-code,widget support.

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CGM Event Calendar

Creates a classes and events calendar for your site. Handles repeating entries and provides multiple…

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BP Events Calendar

The Modern Tribe's Events Calendar add-on that integrated into BuddyPress, and allow users to post…

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