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Tangofy does 3 things:

  • Replaces the menu icons in the administration area of WordPress 2.7 with better, more helpful icons. Either an included set—2 Fugue sets, 1 Silk, 2 Tango—or your own!
  • Dispenses with Black & White icons. All link states have full colour.
  • Hides the large 32×32 icons. (Or shows them, if you prefer.)

The Tango sets use icons from 4 different projects: GIMP, GNOME, Pidgin and Tango. Silk uses Silk Icons. Fugue uses Fugue Icons.

Tangofy speaks 6 languages:

Tangofy by Demetris Kikizas and Josh Wood is published under the GNU General Public Licence, as are the GIMP, GNOME and Pidgin icons. Icons from the Tango Base Library are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 licence. Silk Icons are under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. Fugue Icons are under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.


  1. Go to Dashboard › Plugins › Add New
  2. Type Tangofy in the search box and hit Search
  3. Click Install
  4. Click Activate Plugin
  5. Go to Dashboard › Settings › Tangofy, to select the set that works best for you
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Vote for Tangofy!

Alternatively, to install manually:

  1. Download the ZIP archive
  2. Extract the tangofy folder and upload it to wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate Tangofy in Dashboard › Plugins
  4. Go to Dashboard › Settings › Tangofy, to select the set that works best for you
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Vote for Tangofy!

Thank you for your interest in Tangofy! Your feedback is appreciated! — δκ

Vanliga frågor

What does “Tangofy” mean?

“To tangofy something”, usually an application, means to make new icons for it, or to add icons to it, that follow the guidelines of the Tango Desktop Project. The first versions of Tangofy —0.0.0 up to 0.0.6— were just that: One set of Tango-style icons to improve the admin menu of WordPress 2.7. Hence the name.


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0.2.0 [2009-04-12]

0.1.9 [2009-02-22]

  • Added Text Domain to header for recognition of localized header info.
  • Updated Plugin URI:
  • Changed Links icon in Fugue Shadowless (Compass, new in Fugue 1.4.4).
  • Changed Comments icon in Fugue Shadowless (Balloon/Twitter modified).
  • Changed Pages icon in Fugue Shadowless (Notebooks modified).

0.1.8 [2009-01-11]

  • Added Polish language. x600.
  • Added function screen_icon() to display 32×32 icon in Tangofy’s settings.
  • Updated several Fugue icons to reflect changes up to Fugue v. 1.2.
  • Changed Links icons in Fugue sets.
  • Changed Users icons and 32×32 Settings icon in Tango.
  • Changed Media icons, Pages icons and 32×32 Settings icon in Tango 2.

0.1.7 [2008-12-25]

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language. Fernando Lopes (
  • Added Fugue Shadowless set. (New in Fugue 1.0.2, released 2008-12-21.)
  • Changed Links icon in Fugue.

0.1.6 [2008-12-22]

  • Added Spanish language. Federico Bond (
  • Added proper style to Save Changes button. Thanks to Federico.
  • Moved Save Changes button to bottom. Thanks to Federico.
  • Added contact e-mail address to tangofy.php.

0.1.5 [2008-12-17]

  • Added POT file for localization (see directory “languages”).
  • Added Greek language.
  • Changed Pages icons and 32×32 Users icon in Tango 2.
  • Changed 32×32 Settings icon in Tango.
  • Added FAQ.

0.1.4 [2008-12-12]

  • Added variations with 32×32 icons to Tango sets.

0.1.3 [2008-12-10]

  • Removed some redundant code. Josh (
  • Changed Comments icon in Tango sets (GNOME help-faq modified).
  • Added List/Excerpt icons to Tango 1, Tango 2, Silk.
  • Started sprites with 32×32 icons for Tango sets.

0.1.2 [2008-12-08]

  • Changed Pages icon in Tango 1.
  • Changed Appearance, Comments, Pages, and Users icons in Tango 2.
  • Changed Links and Media icons in Silk.
  • Changed Media icon in Fugue.

0.1.1 [2008-12-06]

  • WordPressified code style. Josh (
  • Added link to Settings in Manage Plugins page. Josh.
  • Shrunk Dashboard icon and Links icon in Tango 1.
  • Changed Posts icon in Tango 1 (from calendar back to text editor).
  • Changed Media icon in Tango 2.

0.1.0 [2008-12-05]

  • Added options page. Contributed by Josh Wood (
  • Added 3 more icon sets to choose from: Fugue, Silk and Tango 2.

0.0.6 [2008-12-02]

  • Added cog (applications-system.png, Tango) to sprite, to sync with r10008.
  • Moved changelog from tangofy.php to readme.txt.

0.0.5 [2008-12-01]

  • Added readme.txt for

0.0.4 [2008-12-01]

  • Replaced accessories-text-editor (Tango) with accessories-text-editor (GNOME) for Posts.

0.0.3 [2008-11-29]

  • Added scissors/triangle (GNOME) for Appearance, puzzle piece (Firefox) for Plugins.
  • Synced with WP CSS to reflect r9957.
  • Thanks to Josh Wood ( for feedback and suggestions.

0.0.2 [2008-11-28]

  • Dropped echo to use wp_enqueue_style(). Thanks to Viper007Bond (

0.0.1 [2008-11-27]

  • Replaced emblem-symbolic-link (GNOME) with web-browser (GNOME) for Links.

0.0.0 [2008-11-26]