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Taxonomy Metabox


Working with custom post types, you’ll sometimes end up having many taxonomies in the post editor. This plugin takes all the taxonomies and neatly moves them to a single tabbed metabox to take up less space and keep the post editor un cluttered.


  • Unified Metabox – Much easier way to manage taxonomies in a single metabox


Upload the taxonomy-metabox folder to /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Navigate to ’Taxonomy Metabox’ in wp-admin.

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6 september 2018
I had a bunch of that taxonomies in a custom post type and these things continuously managed to get the hell out of my screen. With this plugin everything is neat and clear, thank god (or you the developer). It’s basically what wordpress should propose out of the box. Two things problematic is that when you move back to the side of the admin panel, you can’t have access to all the taxonomies any more, only one still showing. (it’s not meant for that, but if it happens accidentaly, the user can’t know there is more taxonomies). The other thing is that you can’t choose the taxonomies whitch will appear in the tabbed panel. It would be a great feature if you had an option page to choose the taxonomies you want to move in the tabbed panel. Nevertheless, it’s the most useful thing I’ve found lately.
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