Det här tillägget har inte testats med någon av de 3 senaste huvudversionerna av WordPress. Det kanske inte längre underhålls och kan ha kompatibilitetsproblem när det används tillsammans med nyare versioner av WordPress.



With this plugin you can create and manage very easily your tables from the wordpress administration. You can insert tables into your pages, articles, posts or in the ’ultimate tables’ widget.

Demo and plugin page

Huvudfunktionerna är:

  • Du kan skapa olika tabeller. I en sida eller ett inlägg kan du infoga flera tabeller samtidigt.
  • Management of the tables created. Change the number of rows and columns, reorder and delete you.
  • Du kan ange text eller html-kod inuti cellerna.
  • Choose from 3 designs or customize.
  • Responsiva tabeller.
  • Valfri manuell klass.
  • Sökruta.
  • Ordination alfabetic and numerically.
  • Information on number of rows and items.
  • Sidnumrering med alternativ.
  • Konfigurerbar bredd och höjd.
  • Texts manageable.
  • You can insert tables created insides of pages or post with the code [ultimatetables x /], where x would be the id of the table.
  • Along with the plugin is installed ’Ultimate tables’ widget. With this widget you can insert tables created.
  • Tillägget uppdateras kontinuerligt.

Video manual:>

Install and using the plugin is very easy:

  • Installera tillägget ”ultimate tables” och aktivera.
  • I sektionen för inställningar kommer du att ha en ny knapp som heter ”ultimate tables”, klicka på den.
  • After pressing you will access the plugin administration. Click ”Create New Table” to create the tables you want.
  • For each table you have a shortcode for insert in pages and posts, and a ”edit” button to manage the values and format table.
  • In section widgets you have a widget called ”ultimate tables” that allow you to insert tables that you want in a widget.
  • You can enter HTML code in the cells. Use the sign ” and not the sign ’ to indicate attributes.


  • Table sample.
  • Settings -> Ultimate tables.
  • Table admin.


Denna sektion beskriver hur du installerar tillägget och får det att fungera.

  1. Install the plugin via the plugins menu in your administrator.
  2. Activate it and you’ll see a new menu option in ”Settings” the ”Ultimate tables”. We also see a new ultimate tables widget ready for use.
  3. You can display the slider as a plugin, widget:
  • Plugin. In the settings menu of your wordpress administration will see a new button: ”Ultimate tables”. Once inside you can create the table you want. Click the ”edit” to edit the table.

  • Widget: Go to the widgets section of your administrator. You will see a new widget: Ultimate tables. Select the table to show.

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12 februari 2021
last updated is 3 years and it is known to no longer working.
29 april 2017
Have been using this on a website for about 2 months now. Simple and effective. No issues and can be tweaked via css if additional customization needed. Thanks to the developers for making this and keeping it updated! [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]
26 november 2016
I was having trouble aligning text without a table, found this recommended in the Elegant Themes blog and it does exactly what is is supposed to. I was able to use side by side tables with easy readability. Highly recommended.
3 september 2016
Working fine with 4.5.3. Wish it had documentation. Finally figured out how to add a new entry to the top of the table. I had to manual renumber each line and save. Got to be an easier way.
3 september 2016
This plugin is in use and I chose it over others as it seemed more intuitive. However, when updating, I find it impossible to insert a new item except at the bottom, when I need to insert it between two existing items. Having looked through all the support queries, I have thus far been unable to do this. Not only that but Ultimate Tables own website returns a database connection error when accessed, meaning I cannot view their site either. Black mark to them and WordPress for allowing the plugin to stay in the list when it would seem that the developer has abandoned the plugin or gone out of business. Looking through support requests, there do not appear to be any answers to recent requests for help. Presumably, the only way forward now is to find one that works well and is supported. 🙁
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  • WordPress 4.9 compatible and minor admin panel changes to better understand all requirements.


  • WordPress 4.7 version and update jquery files.


  • Fixed: ”Warning: Cannot reinitialise DataTable”.


  • Show html code and constructor method for WP_Widgets.


  • The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0. Plugin now use __construct() method. Admin changes.


  • Security update. Close the database exploit. We used nonce(wp_create_nonce and wp_verify_nonce functions) in all forms, validating sanitizing, escaping user Data and protect queries against SQL injection attacks.


  • New table option: Resolves conflicts with other jquery functions. Desactive two buttons pagination because produced one error.


  • 4 new Design tables.
  • Responsiva tabeller


  • 2 new Design tables.
  • Fixed bugs in the admin.


  • New feautures: Table height, a new navigation style, … .


  • first release