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If you move your WordPress website to a new domain name, you will find that internal links to pages and references to images are not updated. Instead, these links and references will point to your old domain name. This plugin fixes that problem by helping you change old urls and links in your website.


  • Användare kan välja att uppdatera länkar inbäddade i innehåll, utdrag eller anpassade fält
  • Användare kan välja om länkar ska uppdateras för bilagor
  • Visa hur många objekt som uppdaterades


  • The Admin screen for the plugin. screenshot-1.png


Installation och avinstallation är extremt enkelt. Du kan använda WordPress automatiska installation eller följa instruktionerna nedan.


  1. Ladda ner paketet.
  2. Extract it to the ”plugins” folder of your WordPress directory.
  3. In the Admin Panel, go to ”Plugins” and activate it.
  4. Go to Tools -> Update URLs to use it.


  1. I adminpanelen, gå till ”Tillägg” och inaktivera tillägget.
  2. Gå till mappen ”Tillägg” i din WordPress-katalog och ta bort filerna/mappen för detta tillägg.


Using this plugin is very simple. Once it has been activated, navigate to Tools -> Update URLs and follow the instructions. Please Note: Changes are irreversible. If you haven’t used this plugin before, please backup your website before proceeding.

You can also contact us for assistance. Velvet Blues will backup your website and replace your URLs for only $29. If you need your website moved, we charge a flat fee of $75 and will finish your move within 48 hours – week days only. For same-day or weekend jobs, we charge a flat rate of $125. Contact us at for more information.

Vanliga frågor

Varför är mina URL:er inte uppdaterade?

URLs are only replaced when an exact match is found. Be sure that you have entered the correct url and hit submit. (Note: Matching is case-sensitive.)

Why do I see the message ”You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”?

Make sure that the plugin is activated and that you are an administrator level user.

This plugin saved me a lot of work. Where can I donate?

Tack, donationer hjälper oss att fortsätta förbättra våra tillägg. Donera här via PayPal.

I’m afraid to screw this up. Will you do it for me?

Of course! Velvet Blues will backup your website and replace your URLs for only $39. If you need your website moved, we charge a flat fee of $75 and will finish your move within 48 hours – week days only. For same-day or weekend jobs, we charge a flat rate of $125. Contact us at for more information.


A real time-saver

This plugin is easy to use and works flawlessly. It's a real time-saver! Thank you making this plugin!

Very nice

I am a starter using WordPress. PlugIn did what it promised!


Holy mackerel, this is a good plugin! Does what it says on the tin. 🙂

Worked Partially

I had thought it worked initially when it showed that over 735 URLs were updated successfully. Only for me to find out that it didn't. I had to complete the migration using Go Live Update Url plugin.

Not sure what to think

I have a peer who uses this plugin for his migrations so I guess that it works. Or at least for him it does. The documentation is confusing and personally I don't think it gives a clear walk through on how to use the plugin. I was told that it was great for migrating websites so I downloaded it. So, I have my live website but I want to make a copy of the website for a staging site. It does not say whether it is going to affect the actual current live database of it is going to create an SQL dumpfile or zip/tarball that I can download and uplaod into the new database (which is what I wanted). Going on the assumption that you move your files and database over and then run the plugin on the new location, how is that possible if the database still points to your original site and just redirects you when you login? Thus, not sure what to think.
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  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.1.x releases.
  • Version Update.


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.9.x releases.
  • Version Update.


  • Maintenance Update.


  • Testat med 4.6.
  • Version Update.


  • Updated label ID for better UX when selecting url location options.
  • Added use if is_serialized() to remove PHP NOTICES about offsets during url update process.
  • Confirmed compatibility to with WP 4.6 and updated stable tag.


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.0.x releases.
  • Updated readme file.


  • Relocated Update URLs tab to Tools section. It is now found under Tools->Update URLs
  • Added additional serialization checks for postmeta.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added Turkish language file.


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 3.6.x releases.
  • Added option to replace urls within Links.
  • Updated success and error dialogs and other text throught plugin.


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 3.5 release.


  • Confirmed compatibility with latest WordPress releases and added support for future versions.
  • Redesigned interface.
  • Added the ability to update links in custom fields.
  • Improved security against potential cross-site attacks by adding nonces and a referrer check and added exit to script if accessed directly.
  • New error messages and field validation.
  • Made changing ALL GUIDs optional, and turned off by default.
  • Internationalized plugin.
  • Updated License to GPLv2 or later.
  • Fixed Typos


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 3.1.x releases.
  • Updated FAQs and Contributors.


  • Added the ability to update links in excerpt fields.
  • Updated code for full compatibility with WordPress 3.0 releases.


  • Confirmed compatibility with recent WordPress releases.


  • Fixed PHP short tag problem, so as to be compatible with all configurations.


  • Fixed possible interactions with other plugins.