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Auglio Try-on Mirror


Auglio team with the base in London has been developing AR technology since 2008. It focuses on bringing the Virtual TRY-ON into web browsers as its plugins are integrated directly into fashion and beauty e-commerce websites.

The last advantage street stores had over online stores is now a thing of the past! With Auglio’s Virtual Try-On, customers can try on products directly from the comfort of their homes, using their webcams. Give your customers realistic shopping experiences with Virtual Try-On! Augmented reality designed for eyewear, fashion, and cosmetics stores brings fun to online shopping.

This Virtual Try-On is a plugin that can be integrated into e-commerce websites by embedding a short HTML code. The try-on has several parts. A floating icon in the bottom corner of the page and a “Try On” button that triggers the mirror and puts the product on the customers’ photos or directly on their face in the live camera version.

Account & Pricing

Our paid monthly subscription plans start from £89 / €99 / $119. The Auglio
account is not created during extension installation.
To create an account please visit the signup page.
For more details please visit the company pricing page or contact us here for individual pricing options.


  • supports prescription and sunglasses, colored and themed contact lenses, decorative cosmetics, necklaces, earrings, hats, scarves and many more
  • HTML5 technology – works flawlessly with Android, iS, Apple and desktop browsers
  • Full LIVE visualization of the products with automatic face detection for easier alignment
  • simple products integration from photos you already have in your store
  • no programming skills needed
  • we can do all the integration for you in no more than 48 hours
  • customizable graphic layout and the size of the plugin
  • avatars/models included and can be added/changed per your preference

Benefits For Your Shop

  • a boost in conversion rates by up to 50%
  • enhanced customer’s shopping experience
  • significantly reduces the number of product returns and complaints
  • more items in the basket
  • better engagement to complete purchases
  • direct social media sharing for more organic traffic
  • a cutting-edge, fun to use e-shop that customers will want to return to and recommend

Live Demo

Test our solution in our demo store.

Premium version

You can download the premium version of the plugin from your Auglio account after you upgrade to a paid plan. The premium version currently adds these extra features:

  • automatic product XML feed generation
  • product category pairing with categories supported by Auglio
  • automatic integration of the ”Try On” button to AJAX loaded product listings

Vanliga frågor

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8 februari 2021
The only tryon that works with simple .png for glasses for 1/5 of the price that others are asking.
14 januari 2021
The functionality is mostly handled through the virtooal portal. It would be nice to have all the setting options in WP. Said that, the support is awesome, they reply in less than 24 working hours and they bring close support to you via email. Even if you need something specific, they do it with no cost at all despite you are using the free plan! (Like showing all products in the mirror despite no products are visible on your WP page) The mirror works like a charm and setting up products is not hard. You will be struggling more with photoshop that with the mirror’s products. It’s a fact. I strongly recommend this plugin if you need a free solution for a small customer who is starting with their business. great work!
14 november 2020 1 svar
I had full faith that this plugin would be excellent for my needs (Sunglasses Try-on). It doesn’t have a remotely acceptable integration into woocommerce / Wordpress for the 21st century. Virtooal feels like we’re back in the 1990s. When initially installed into my woocommerce site, nearly ruined the site (made the mistake of not backing up just prior to integration). I was able to recover my site thankfully. Unacceptable for a service with such an expensive ramping cost.
25 maj 2020
This plugin helped me to integrate Virtooal’s Magic Mirror on my website. The Virtual Mirror is an absolutely fantastic service. A lot of functionality. It works extremely well out of the box. It’s a great project and I have no doubt it will continue improving. Excellent customer service. The people behind this plugin were very helpful in setting up the virtual mirror in my store.
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  • Välkommen till vår allra första version av tillägget!


  • Added retrieving of settings from Auglio system


  • Added automirror option


  • Fixed a bug where try on buttons were inserted when automirror was enabled


  • replaced Auglio Setup Administration iframe on the WooCommerce product edit page with a link to the administration
  • made changes in the code to comply with the WordPress Plugin Guidelines


  • Fixed try on button not showing


  • Added Settings to plugin action links
  • Fixed magic mirror widget showing when automirror turned on
  • Tested for WP 5.5, WC 4.7.0


  • Tested for WP 5.6.1, WC 5.0.0


  • added class virtooal-tryon-btn-wrapper to ”Try On” button wrapper div element for easier customization
  • added ”Try on button text” option in the settings
  • added option to show the mirror only on WooCommerce related pages (product page, catalogue page, etc.)
  • added Auglio meta box to product edit page
  • added new, more secure Auglio API
  • removed automirror enabling option
  • other minor fixes and improvements
  • premium version available


  • minor fixes and improvements


  • api connection improvements


  • Added settings for ”Try On” button placement on product page
  • Added settings for ”Try On” button to show/hide on product and catalog pages


  • Fixed admin settings tab URLs to support WordPress sites installed in subfolder


  • minor fixes and improvements


  • minor fixes and improvements


  • made all admin UI texts to be translatable