WooCommerce Fortnox Hub


Tillägget integrerar WooCommerce med Fortnox. Din bokföring och lagerhantering automatiseras

Tillägget kan skapa en Fortnox faktura eller order baserad på en WooCommerce order.

Kunddata lagras i Fortnox kundregister och kommer automatiskt att uppdateras om någonting förändras i en ny order.

Baserat på en WooCommerce orders betalningsmetod kan en faktura markeras som betald.

Tillägget kan skapa interna fakturor för att automatisera hanteringen av utbetalningar för ett antal betalgateways.

  • Klarna
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Swish, om du använder Swish plugin från BjornTech (https://sv.wordpress.org/plugins/woo-swish-e-commerce/)
  • Zettle, om du använder Zettle-tillägget från BjornTech https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-zettle-integration/)


Du hittar detaljerade installationsinstruktioner här.


1 maj 2021
A Plugin should not only be rated and reviewed by its functionality, but also by the support. BjornTech provides top-class support and I really recommend this plugin. The functionality is really superb and makes the integration between WooCommerce and Fortnox a breeze. Highly recommended!
12 januari 2021
Great plugin with a bunch of settings. It does the job great and also they give really good support. After discussion with the author we managed to add to our setup a delay for Woo emails in order to have them only sent after the callback from Fortnox. I recommend this plugin.
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  • Tested with WordPress 5.8 and WooCommerce 5.5
  • Fix: Allowed to set/get standard prices when using B2B-King.
  • New: Added filter when finding existing customer in Fortnox.


  • Fix: re-added the possibility to access the legacy print template setting.
  • Fix: If OSS is configured VAT exemption on validated customer is not booked correctly.


  • Fix: If an Invoice payment was created but not booked the Invoice check function wrongly handled the Invoice as already paid.
  • Fix: When manual syncing a cancelled order the cancel-process for Order/Invoice was not performed.
  • Fix: The automatic invoice check failed to run in some cases.
  • Fix: Shipping amounts were rounded in the wrong way in Fortnox Order/Invoices if decimails in the webshop was set to 0.
  • Fix: If using 0 decimals in WooCommerce the plugin did still use the non-rounded number when creating order/invoices.
  • Fix: Moved the OSS settings from Advanced to Account settings.
  • Fix: Refunds did crash because of missing country on refund order.
  • Fix: Fortnox Order/Invoice was not set to be reversed VAT if using WooCommerce EU VAT Assistance.


  • Fix: A Fortnox Invoice should be credited rather than cancelled if the creating Woo order was paid.
  • Fix: VAT account was not selected correctly if country-info was missing on the order.
  • Fix: Order item name on existing article was overwritten by WooCommerce Name.
  • Fix: Order fails to sync if the order is refunded, paid with Stripe and the order currency differs from the Stripe payout currency.


  • Fix: Product updates failed when the advanced setting to update account on Fortnox products where enabled.


  • New: Added the possibility to prevent syncing for orders paid with a specific payment method.
  • Fix: When bulk-syncing the orders where synced in reversed order.
  • Fix: Previous settings in shipping was not converted to the new structure causing shipping field on the order/invoice to be empty.
  • Fix: In some cases a manual sync of a refunded order did not cancel the Order/Invoice in Fortnox.


  • Fix: Sales account was incorrectly set to Fortnox Default instead of the account set in the plugin. Please do check account on bookings made from installing 4.7.0


  • Fix: Refunds where the initial Fortnox Order/Invoice was not booked/printed did not cancel the Order/Invoice as expected.
  • Fix: Price on free Shipping was set to ”null” instead of 0, causing Order not to sync.


  • Working with WooCommerce 5.3
  • New: Added the possibility to add an adminstration fee on created orders/invoices. Can also be set to 0 to avoid standard Fee in Fortnox. See advanced settings.
  • New: Added an advanced setting to force the Action scheduler to process the queue if running on a system where CRON is not running.
  • Fix: A partial refund on an Invoice using the ACCRUAL accounting method fails if the original invoice was not booked
  • Fix: Checking also for zettle as well as izettle to identify Zettle orders since the service changed name.
  • Fix: Shipping settings did not handle shipping zones in a correct way.
  • Fix: Orders with no customer identifier (mail or orgnaisation number) causes multiple customers to be created.
  • Fix: Unschedule of action sometimes fails because of a bug in the Action scheduler. Removed unshedule actions temporary.
  • Fix: Removed the full daily update from Fortnox since it is no longer needed.
  • Fix: If an account was specified on an article Fortnox did not use the account on a order/invoice row.
  • Fix: Emailing of invoices to customers from Fortnox failed sometimes.
  • Fix: Full refund of an invoice failed if accouting method was CASH and the invoice was paid.
  • New


  • Fix: If an account number is changed in settings and order/invoices where updated the VAT was not re-calculated on order/invoice rows
  • Fix: Full refunds of an invoice if using ’CASH’ as accounting method failed.
  • Fix: Partial refunds when failed if an order was setup to create Fortnox Order.
  • Fix: When using the advanced setting ”Queue admin requests” the plugin did fail to check invoice statuses.
  • Fix: Metatdata on products where not saved correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: No account number was set on shipping row with 0 tax, causing processing error in Fortnox.


  • Fix: Account number on sales was set to 0 when using the PW Giftcards plugin.


  • Fix: Category selections did not contain emtpy categories.
  • Fix: Print handling crashes when checking refund invoices.


  • New: Added product unit names as cached information in order to increase performance.
  • New: Added the possibility to configure products to be set as ”housework” products in Fortnox orders/invoices. Enable this function in the advanced settings page.
  • New: Added the possibility to use any metadata as organisation number.
  • New: Added the possibility to use the WooCommerce order number as Order/Invoice number.
  • New: Added support WC Product Price Based on Country makes it possible to link Fortnox-pricelists to a pricing zone.
  • New: Added the possibility to select to sync only articles with the ”Webshop article” set.
  • New: Added the possibility to set product status and category on product being created from Fortnox.
  • New: Added support for PW Giftcards
  • Fix: Product unit names was only checked for duplicates by Unit name instead of Unit name + Unit code.
  • Fix: Date for invoice & article-sync was not cleared when changing automatic options.


  • New: Added the possibility to set print template per payment method.
  • New: Added the possibility to select sending of invoice to customer per payment method.
  • Fix: Purhcase prices was updated in Fortnox also when not configured to do so.
  • Fix: Shipping Article number used for Shipping was not saved correctly in settings.
  • Fix: Selection of order status for creation was empty after 4.4.0


  • New: Added the possibility to use the Fortnox Freight field on Order/Invioce for Shipping costs.
  • New: Added the possibility to select if customer order note should be copied from an Order to an Invoice automatically.
  • New: Added support for ”Admin columns pro”.
  • New: Added support for price sync to and from ”WooCommerce Wholesale Prices” & ”WooCommerce Wholesale Prices pro”.
  • New: Using ’SE’ as country if no country is set on WooCommerce order.
  • New: Added possiblity to put delivery details on the Invoice/Order only without update of the customer card in Fortnox.
  • New: Added the possiblity to bulk sync WooCommerce orders to Fortnox.
  • New: Added the possibility to sync stocklevel to Fortnox when pressing sync button in product list.
  • New: Added Manufacurer, Manufacturer article, Stock-place, Unit and Barcode as extra fields on a WooCommerce product and the possibility to sync the fields to and from Fortnox.
  • New: Added the possibility to automatically create WooCommerce simple product from a Fortnox article when it is created in Fortnox.
  • New: Using mapped products in WooCommerce when doing a full sync rather than asking Fortnox for all article.
  • New: Probibiting automatic updating to Fortnox when a product is updated from Fortnox, preventing endless loops in updates.
  • Fix: Always set Discount to 0 in order rows to aviod errors if an existing Fortnox customer have a Invoice discount registred.
  • Fix: Added the possibility to configure to use the Shipping field on Fortnox Order/Invoice instead of adding shipping as an item.
  • Fix: If shipping cost was 0 the shipping row was wrongly created with an account number for the 0% VAT.