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Pardakht Cash On Delivery And Online Payment For Woocommerce


Customers of pardakht company can connect their pardakht account to this plugin and sell their products within pardakht payment gateway and use shipping methods.

Note that Woocommerce and Persian Woocommerce must be installed before installing this plugin.


  • Plugin main settings
  • New shipping and payment methods
  • Activate each shipping method
  • Show new payment and shipping methods on checkout page


  1. Upload to the ’/wp-content/plugins/’ and extract it
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to woocommerce configuration >> checkout >> cash on delivery >> fill cash on delivery checkbox and select new shipping and payment methods from the bottom box
  4. Go to woocommerce configuration >> shipping >> go to each new shipping and payment methods section and activate it


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  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Add capability to using pardakht shipping methods with any payment methods
  • Add free send feature for online payments
  • Optimize codes and seperate into some files in order to easier bug fixing and debugging


  • Bug Fix


  • Bug Fix


  • Update Cities


  • Fix Shipping Problem Caused By Woocommerce New Update


  • Fix online payment problem
  • Speedup calculating shipping price
  • Some minor improvements