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WC Total Web Solutions Gateway


The Total Web Solutions plugin for the Woocommerce shopping cart.

Once this has been installed, the module can be configured through the
Woocommerce payment section.

Enable the payment gateway and configure the account as described in the
’Installation’ section.

The module should first be set to test mode and the TWS payment script used.

Note – an account with Total Web Solutions is required before using this
module. Please contact for more information.


Upload this to your server when the wordpress and WooCommerce are installed
via FTP or other file transfer method to the wordpress/wp-content/plugins

The zip file needs to be unzipped as follows :

cd wordpress/wp-content/plugins


Login to Word press as Administrator

Click on the Plugins menu on the left hand side.

You should see the Total Web Solutions Gateway listed. Click the Activate Link
for this gateway.
Next we need to configure the Plugin in WooCommerce, so from the left hand
menu select WooCommerce and the Settings.

Then Click Payment Gateways from the Top Menu.

Click on the Total Web Solutions Link just below the top tabbed menu.

Click the Enable/Disable Box to enable this gateway.

Enter your Total Web Solutions Customer ID into the API Login ID box.

The Secret Password is a password to be entered that matches the secret key
entered in the Total Web Solutions Ecom administration tool. This ensures that
orders that are marked as paid have not been spoofed.
The transaction mode can be Live or Test.

To enable Debug click the Enable logging box.

Click Save Changes and module configured and ready to be tested.

Vanliga frågor

What versions of WooCommerce is this compatable with?

At the moment, this plugin has been tested and is known to work up to version
3. If you are using a later version, please contact us regarding this.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact if you have any questions about
the installation of the module. If you would like to setup an account to use
with this module, please Email


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= Version 2.3.1 . 20211026
Ensure tick box for store card is default to ticked

= Version 2.3 . 20211020
Add tick box on check for customer to specify if card is stored for future use

= Version 2.2 . 20200825
Ensure payment form encoding is set correctly

Version 2.1 – 20190215

Fixed Housename/number passthrough

Version 2.0 – 20180823

Fixed delinced card error

Version 1.9 – 20180315

Fixed decimal currency issue

Version 1.2.1 – 20170817

Some tag changes

Version 1.2 – 20170406

Removed depriciated elements for WooCommerce 2.6

Version 1.1.6 – 20150315

Tax inclusive issue fixed

Version 1.1.5 – 20150224

Tax on shipping fixed

Version 1.1.4 – 20150224

Issue with error logging

Version 1.1.0 – 20150224

Removed depriciated elements for WooCommerce 2.3

Version 1.0 – 20130520

Initial release