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WordiZ – Most Shared Articles for Authors


This plugin is deprecated. Please download instead.


  • This is what you will see with the bright theme.
  • This is what you will see with the dark theme.
  • This is the widget settings in Wordpress administration.
  • Output from the widget. Several domains can be listed in function of your articles.


Do not install this plugin. Please consider instead.

Vanliga frågor

Why did you turned down this widget ?

When we first released this plugin, our platform was called WordiZ and is now called ’Elokenz’. Since one cannot change a plugin name on WordPress, we decided to turn down this plugin and create a new one. The new one receives all the upates and not this one.


Detta tillägg har inga recensioner.

Bidragsgivare och utvecklare

”WordiZ – Most Shared Articles for Authors” är programvara med öppen källkod. Följande personer har bidragit till detta tillägg.

Bidragande personer



  • Migration to Elokenz Author’s most shared article. This plugin becomes deprecated


  • Added a sign in button directly in the widget options


  • Fixed CSS width (fixed -> auto)
  • Removed ability to change width
  • Adjusted space between social media icons


  • Fixed CSS conflict with other widgets.
  • Fixed Google+ count import
  • Todo : Fix width not working properly


  • Added a better help in the widget panel


  • Added some description


  • First upload of the plugin