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WP aMember Dashboard Widget


Adds aMember account info in your WP/WPMU/WPMS dashboard. Users will be able to have some of their payment account info in their dashboard.


  • Full XHTML compliancy
  • Listing of members’ subscribed products (hyperlinked)

Future plans:

  • More account info: registration date, expire date, next recurring payment date.


  • This is the way the dashboard widget looks.
  • Option to enter url where aMember is installed.



  1. If you are using WPMU/WPMS, activate the plugin sitewide.
  2. If you are using the single user WordPress, then you would
    upload the whole folder into your plugins directory: wp-content/plugins.
  3. Visit Settings > aMember Dashboard to enter the dashboard title and url to where aMember is installed. The dashboard will not appear until you’ve filled out both settings.


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Bidragsgivare och utvecklare

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Bidragande personer


0.2.2 (2011-07-28)

  • Update a function that was mis-named
  • Added better multisite support

0.2.1 (2011-07-27)

  • Forgot to include the .po file

0.2 (2011-07-27)

  • Replaced deprecated code
  • Added options page for widget title and url of aMember install
  • Added .po file for internationalization

0.1 (2010-05-19)

  • Initial Release